The One Piece Volume 87 cover has been revealed!

The official One Piece website just revealed the cover for the manga’s volume 87.
You can actually see the color scheme of some characters that are yet to make their actual appearance in the anime.

In the center of the cover are Big Mom wielding Napoleon while riding Zeus with Prometheus flying next to them. In the foreground there are several members of the Charlotte Family (Perospero, Katakuri, Daifuku, Oven, Mont-d’Or, Compote, Brûlée, Smoothie, and Galette) and Big Mom Pirates (Tamago, Pekoms, and Streusen).
Surprised by the colors? 😀

One Piece volume 87 will pick up from chapter 870, “Parting”, and will be named “Bittersweet” in reference to the chapter 877’s title. It will be out in Japan on November 2.

Written by Gus


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