I was recently watching a theory about the North Blue. It goes into Mihawk and Doffy possibly going against Germa in the past. I thought more about who could’ve united those 2 and many others to do this. Now Mihawk has a high respect for Shanks. What exactly it is, I think I have an idea. I think it is the same power that he saw in Luffy. Goda possibly not only hinted at Shank’s character, but also put Luffy with BUGGY in this panel on purpose.

Buggy and Luffy got their fruits while Shanks was there.

I also wanted to speak on Oda choosing Usopp to be the 1 to wear the North Blue type head accessories. The headphones and ear pieces resemble those of the Vinsmokes. Maybe Usopp got his fashion sense from his dad’s friend, Lucky Roo. Sidenote : Lucky Roo and the doctor here share a resemblance.

If that is correct, there’s a chance that all those years back when Shanks was in the East Blue, he lead a group with a different objectives, similar to Luffy’s Impel Down-Marineford group, against Germa 66.

Sanji left his fam when he was 8. They were going for the East Blue at the moment.

Luffy met Shanks when he was 7.

Luffy is 2 years younger than Sanji. Luffy met Shanks 1 year after Sanji left. Shanks, if this theory is true, fought Germa 66 before meeting Luffy. They had a DF from the war as well. This DF is the Gomu Gomu Fruit. If you could provide any extra insight to add to this, or if there’s something I missed like an inaccuracy, please do.

*Theory by Cockycent


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