Luffy doesn’t need a Second Timeskip to reach Yonko Level

A lot of people out acts like the timeskip wasn’t enough and that Luffy isn’t close enough to Yonkou level. Luffy shouldn’t be near Yonko level for one thing. There’s only 4 Yonko for a reason.

The timeskip gave Luffy the basic knowledge he needed to work on doing the same thing he did over the course of the Red Line: getting stronger through experience.

I see other people saying that Luffy might need a new devil fruit or even more forms of Gear 4th. Listen, it’s all but confirmed that Shanks doesn’t have a devil fruit. Strong people can excel in the New World without special powers!

I don’t even think Roger had a devil fruit. If Luffy relies on his devil fruit entirely or gets ANOTHER devil fruit, he’s going to lose to Blackbeard for the same reason Ace lost to him: over reliance on something other than his own strength.

Haki showed us that there’s more to the world than getting a devil fruit to be strong. There is an admiral who is BLIND, and that’s just not an issue to him. We, as the audience, don’t even slightly view him as disabled because he’s absolutely just got incredible Observation Haki.

That’s not even mentioning Armament Haki, which brings fighting Logias from actually impossible in 9/10 cases to completely feasible, assuming you’re actually as skilled as they are.

Luffy doesn’t need another devil fruit or another time skip. He’s definitely going to awaken his devil fruit, so there’s like 1 more form for him, but he isn’t in a bad place right now.

*Theory by axelexo

Written by Gus


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  1. Rodger had a devil fruit, he had the ability to hear all things. He could literally talk to anything, a chair, a tree, a snake. Anything. That’s why him and his crew know what happened in the100 year void. He couldn’t transcribe the phoneglyphs, he had them tell him what happened.

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