Did Blackbeard’s Ancestors betray the Ancient Kingdom?

For what we have seen till now it is sure that the Final War will be fought against Celestial Dragons.

800 years ago, an Ancient Alliance was formed by the kings of Twenty Kingdoms. They fought against the Great Kingdom. Eventually, Celestial Dragons won that war. It is sure that 20 Kings were commanding the army while fighting on the battlefield… like the will of the D. was passed down from generation to generation.

I think there is something that is being passed to Celestial Dragons, maybe that is the National Treasure. I don’t think it is Uranus because all three Ancient Weapons were named after Greek Gods. It’s not like they gave name Poseidon and Pluton to their weapon.. It is a different case if Celestial Dragons held Uranus after the war is over… Point here is the National Treasure is not Uranus but different things… I think Celestial Dragons are also passed with something like the will of D.

Let’s talk about D. We have seen 6 Families from D. clan till now (Monkey, Gol, Water, Portgas, Jaguar and Marshall)… All the Ds have something in common that is a true sense of justice except Marshall D. Teach. I think Oda did this because he wanted to show something different about Blackbeard. He acts like Celestial Dragons since he doesn’t give damn about other people. That is because Blackbeard’s ancestors betrayed the Ancient Kingdom and joined with 20 Kingdoms on the war 800 years before.

So what do you guys think? Will Blackbeard ally with Celestial Dragons and betray pirates again??? Share your thoughts!

*Theory by Achyut Poudel

Written by Gus


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