Enel’s Great Space Operations (Colored) – Cover Side Story

Enel’s Great Space Operations is the ninth mini-series created as a side story on the title pages of each One Piece chapter. The story can be set after the events of the Skypiea Arc.

After his defeat by Luffy, Enel heads off to Fairy Vearth, which turns out to be the Moon. Here Enel encounters a group of small robots known as automata, as well as a vicious group of Space Pirates. After a series of events, Enel’s Goro Goro no Mi powers wind up activating not only all of the automata, but their city as well, and the self-proclaimed God discovers his true roots.

Enel studies a series of wall paintings, and realizes that the original Birkans, his ancestors, came from the moon. Looking around, Enel sees endless followers, and an enormous amount of “vearth”, and ultimately decides that the “Fairy Vearth” was everything that he had ever wanted.


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