Hancock’s cape and Luffy

D: The thing that got to me this time was when, in in the 4th panel on page 5 of chapter 526, Luffy emerges after getting into Impel Down… but no matter how I look at it, it seems that doesn’t come out of Hancock’s cape, but from her skirt! What’s the truth? It’s getting to me so much that on the geography test, I wrote “Laboon” instead of “Lagoon”! What are you going to do about that? Pen Name: The Sacred Ground inside the Skirt

O: I can’t take responsibility for the test, but of course Luffy wasn’t hiding in the cape, but in the skirt… or more directly, in that china dress. If he didn’t, the cape would just bulge over him, and he’d be discovered immediately? He was clinging directly to Hancock under her clothes – hey hey! Stop imagining weird things like that! Oh dear. The two of them were serious! If they were discovered, they’d be killed…! Ah, a nosebleed.


Written by Gus


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