Big Mom Defeating Kaido Foreshadowed?

Oda loves to make parallels in One Piece. Big Mom landing on Wano’s shore reminds me of the scene where her parents left her on Elbaf’s shore.

I think Chopper will serve the role of Mother Caramel. Once he knows that she lost her memory, he’ll decide to take care of her.

They might feed her some Dangos from O-Tama at first, but since their side of Wano doesn’t have much food and Big Mom would eat all their food supply, she might rampage, but Chopper will make her fast. She’ll be forcibly fasting anyways because of the lack of food.

Do you know on which day Big Mom broke her fast and went on a rampage? The Sixth Day.
Do you know how many days are left for the fire festival? 6 Days.

I think the day Big Mom breaks her fast will be the day she either gets her normal memory back or remember what she did to Mother Caramel. Then, one of 2 will happen, either Chopper will intervene and stop her before it’s too late, unlike Mother Caramel. Or she’ll go on a rampage, ruin the alliance plan, and go to Kaido’s place for food!

I saw this scene when Big Mom rampaged in Elbaf, watch closely as Big Mom kills the old giant.

The place is engulfed in fire (Foreshadowing Fire Festival), his clothes and horn look similar to Kaido. Then see how his horn, very similar to Kaido’s, gets broken and flies in the air before he dies. So I think that Big Mom won’t die in this arc as some people speculate, Kaido will. Hell she might even be the one to kill him.

*Theory by aliassum

Written by Gus


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