The Development of Trafalgar Law’s Plot in Wano

A lot of people in the community believe Trafalgar Law’s path is to die in order for Luffy to defeat Kaido.

I disagree with this logic for a multitude of reasons but reason number 1 is that Law has not done anything Over Powered yet. Frankly a lot of people can’t see anything overpowered happening in Law’s future they only see him as a support for Kid and Luffy.

In all storylines characters that are as integral to the plot as Law is, they have to die the right way. No one would accept Law’s death if he didn’t fight and show off amazing feats before it. Oda himself made Law a D. and gave him a devil fruit that i would argue is important to the Void Century and his backstory was of StrawHat crew member caliber. I do agree Law has to die but I believe he will die against Im-Sama.

It’s highly implied that Doflamingo got his knowledge about the Op Op fruit from the Celestial Dragons and I would argue that the fruit used to be a form of sacrificial practice to keep certain celestial dragons alive. Celestial Dragons are known for giving devil fruits to slaves for the hell of it (Boa and her sisters) so why wouldn’t they give it to a slave to sacrifice his life span for a Celestial’s. I would aslo argue that One of those people who received this immortality (if there is multiple) is Im-Sama and because Doflamingo saw he was immortal he thought that the only way he could become king himself is to become immortal just like Im- Sama.

If Law is in the final battle against Im-Sama I do believe he like the other weilders of his fruit will sacrifice himself to make a King immortal except it will be the true King of the World in Monkey D. Luffy. Or Luffy will not accept it and Law doesn’t die or Law dies another way, either way this thread is about Law’s role in Wano and how he will get to the point of becoming the Over Powered character that can die the right way.

I think Law is going through character development at the moment. Law is seeing what happens to the Straw Hats when they put their life on the line and how they become stronger and everything works out because of it. I believe that when Luffy comes out of prison and shows he became stronger by not thinking too much and giving his all. We are going to see the stubborn Law slowly change into someone who fights at full strength when called for. We are even starting to see it now because he is trusting the Straw Hats strength even though it’s against his judgement like how he left Sanji to fight against Page One. This will play a role in when Law fights he will finally not think as in “i’ll only release this amount of energy to conserve enough to escape in the end” but he will fight with all his power in turn awakening his fruit by not thinking and putting his life on the line and trusting everything to still work out in the end.

Now I know a lot of people are wondering who will Law fight in a battle where he awakens his fruit and I believe Law will have two battles during Wano just like most Straw Hats and probably Kid as well. I believe Law’s two opponents will be Kyoshiro and Admiral Fujitora. This is where my head canon truly begins, though i do believe it is justified but if you made it this far, We have finally arrived to how I perceive Law’s path in Wano playing out.

CPO is in Wano, a country who created the poneglyphs, a country ruled by Yonko Kaido, and a country with closed borders. Last time Cipher Pol came to a country to bargain for something, they already had other agents in the country working the ruler from another angle. Yeah you guess it I’m talking about Iceberg and CP9 of course. There is most likely a reason that links back the Void Century on why Wano decided to close its borders. I would argue that this reason was to stop the invaders of the World Government since it seems to imply Wano was an ally of the D. since they created the Poneglyphs. I think to someone who is still an ally of the D clan in Wano, it will become known to them that Law himself is a D. and this will send Law down a path of learning more about the Void Century and more about the D. but this will cause more problems than answers for Law as he will also encounter the Cipher Pol Spy and he will tell Law some information that is contradicting and will give Law more of a reason to find out the truth of the Void Century and behind his name D.

After defeating Kyoshiro I can see Law taking place in the battle against Kaido. Law, Luffy, and Kidd Vs Kaido will somehow and someway result in both Kid and Law helping Luffy to deal damage to Kaido but in the end Luffy will do the “main character thing” where he takes down the last and strongest 40 percent of Kaido by himself. Once this happens I believe both Kid and Law will go on to their own separate fights. This is where the Marines and the Big Mom Pirates will come into play.

I think the Marines have no choice but to send out a squadron to Wano and that squadron has to have at least 1 Admiral if not All 3. The one admiral that has to show up is Admiral Fujitora because he has a vendetta against Straw Hat and Law. If Blackbeard knows Straw Hat and Law are in Wano, why don’t the Marines, and why not send the one who isn’t allowed in a Marine base because of them. Law will be forced to occupy Fujitora while Luffy struggles with the last 40 percent of Kaido. Also they are both Devil Fruit Swordsman so I do believe it would be a very dope and interesting fight visually.

Fujitora himself will decide to take this fight more seriously than he did with the Sabo fight because Law is his target as well. Law has to either unlock his awakening against Fujitora. This battle will play a role on Fujitora’s character development and his role with the Marines in the future.

After this battle, Law will use the strength that he has gained and in order to dive deeper into the underground dealings of Cipher Pol he will become an enemy of theirs and learn a twisted version of the Void Century truth through his adventures all the while becoming stronger so he can play an integral role in the final battle. The information about Cipher Pol, Underground World Government Dealings, D clan, and OverPowered Devil Fruit awakening will finally turn Law into the badass character that can finally rest in peace in the correct way.

*Theory by PutSomeRespeckOnLaw

Written by Gus


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