The Reason Why Nami Might Play a Bigger Role in Wano

Nami and her abilities may be inspired from Solomonars, Romanian weather wizards.

In Romanian mythology, Solomonars are wizards that are said to be able to control the weather. They are depicted as old men with flaming red hair.

Nami’s navigation skills and her abilities to control the weather are clear so I don’t have to explain that. The red hair is there as well, but all of us know that Nami is not an old man. However, during the time-skip she meets Haredas.

Solomonars are known to take apprentices and teach them their sorcery, similar to how Haredas taught Nami everything Weatheria had to offer. 

Some sources say that Solomonars also had a connection to Zeus the greek God of Thunder and who is Nami’s newest ally?

Another thing, Solomonars are widely associated with dragons and we all know that Wano is full of dragons starting with Momonosuke!

We already know Nami shares a bond with Momonosuke since she finds him to be an innocent and sweet boy (We know differently though). This could also mean that Nami might play a bigger role in Wano, though what that could be I have no idea yet.

*Theory by BucketLover

Written by Gus


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