The Reason Why Zoro Won’t Get Shusui Back

I believe that Zoro won’t get Shusui back after Wano.

Thematically, Shusui will never be “Zoro’s Sword” because it’s attached to the legend of Ryuma, and the blade became black because of the deeds of Ryuma.

That’s why it stands out from his other two swords, that have yet to become legends, and aren’t of the same craft as Shusui.

I think it’d show more character growth for Zoro to be able to have his own 3 black blades, leaving Shusui behind as a “thanks for everything, see what I can do now!” kind of a feeling in Wano.

Potential replacements could be like Nidai Kitetsu(that Zoro actually expressed interest in when fighting with Luffy) or a sword that has more of a personal connection to him.

I think at the end of the series Zoro will have(or create) 3 black swords and each of them will have a level of fame equaling Shusui, but Shusui will not be among them.

*Theory by the_eggiest_egg

Written by Gus


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