Karasu’s Devil Fruit and how it ties with Luffy’s next Power-Up

Karasu’s Devil Fruit and how it ties with Luffy’s next Power-Up

As we know, Katakuri’s devil fruit power is special. It allows him to have logia properties and this is the first time Oda showed us paramecia powers to this extend.

Another interesting ability is the fruit from Tamago. This is a paramecia that shows properties of zoan powers.

All in all Oda shows us that the further you dig in into the New World and power levels, the more you see crazy fruit powers that have more versatility, basically a higher tier and that are used by their users to a master-like status.

Marco is another example to how this powers can extend upon to, it is naturally that the phoenix consists of fire or is coated by fire. This is also a higher tier zoan, a “mythical zoan” fruit, that’s why it is basically more versatile and stronger also delivering logia properties to a small extend.

So let’s move to the main topic here! Karasu!

First of all I don’t believe he is a Logia, the only open elements would be “black matter” and “coal/ash” and I can imagine Oda introducing them in some other way than that.
If it would be a paramecia it could be for example a sorcerer/witch-fruit (reference: sorcerers and witches in mythology used to appears as crows) or some kinda scarecrow-paramecia.
Same as the scarecrow paramecia it could also be a mythical zoan that allows the user to have logia properties by splitting into copies of crows.
I don’t want to go into detail in this theory, but imho this is not a logia and just shows another paramecia/zoan with logia properties as this seems to be the new “individual thing” Oda implemented for some top-tiers!

So what does it have to do with Luffy?
I can see this being a potential power up for the rubber fruit powers of Luffy.

*Theory by Rej Discussions

Written by Gus


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