Oda has unveiled 2 characters he would like to go into detail about

Question: “Which characters would you like to go into detail about if you had enough time?”

Oda: “Well, there is a helpful means named “cover story” in ONE PIECE for that purpose… Anyway, there remain some characters I want to go into detail. It would be interesting if I focus on Marines. I can come up with a magnificent story about Garp. I’d like to draw some relationship and talks between him and Akainu, Aokiji, Smoker, Hina, Coby who joined Marines one after another, Cypher Pol and Roger.”

It would also be interesting if I focus on Revolutionary Army, mainly Dragon. Why do they intend to make a revolution? With what belief? How did they meet? The story about Luffy’s birth would be interesting. Some of these stories would be serious. All of the stories about their lives lead to Luffy!! OK!! I’ll draw Luffy!!”

Written by Gus


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