I think I’ve figured out Monkey D. Dragon’s devil fruit and can’t keep it to myself.

I was looking up mythical creatures and came across “Thunderbirds”. The Mythology comes from Native American culture.

So I basically learned they controlled the weather by flapping their wings and can shoot lightning bolts out of their eyes. This would explain all the abilities done so far.
Then I thought about his tattoo and if their could be any correlation between them.
First I looked up “Algonquin tattoo” because they believed in Thunderbirds and then typed in “Thunderbird symbol” and came up with these images:

These images explain the tattoos on his face.
So I kept searching for more info. The Thunderbird could take the form of a man buy pulling back its mask/hood. The feathers would then form into a blanket that they wore. Which I think explains Monkey D. Dragon’s cloak.

Furthermore in the later stages of the Thunderbird mythos it was said that they were featherless, which gave the appearance of a dinosaur or… A DRAGON!! Name explained.

*Theory by Patrick M.

Written by Gus


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