18 One Piece Characters Who Have Awakened Their Devil Fruits




Kuzan has the powers of the Hie Hie no Mi, a Logia Devil Fruit that allows him to control, create, and become ice. He can create enough ice to cover a giant, a Sea King or several square miles of ocean within mere moments. He was even able to freeze the tsunamis created by Whitebeard, despite their size surpassing that of Marineford. In battle, he uses his ice powers to disable and immobilize enemies, freezing their bodies solid just by touching them, and threatening to shatter their fragile forms. Like other Logia users, he is capable of breaking himself into his particular element to avoid damage from most physical attacks.
This fruit is so powerful that his usage of it during his ten day battle with Akainu permanently changed the weather on one side of Punk Hazard, turning that side into a frozen wasteland. This may be a hint that he has awakened his devil fruit.


Sakazuki possesses the Magu Magu no Mi, a Logia-class Devil Fruit which grants him the ability to transform his body into magma and manipulate it at will, as well as produce near-limitless amounts of it. As a Logia, Sakazuki can let physical attacks pass through him without injury, and can only be wounded with the use of Haki, Seastone, being caught off guard, and his elemental weakness.
His ability is naturally of a higher order than Ace’s pyrokinetic abilities, as the higher heat and smothering abilities of his magma allowed him to successfully harm Ace despite Ace’s Logia-defense, and ultimately kill Ace due to this superiority. The destructive heat and explosive powers from the magma enables Akainu to cause massive damage, and to take on people like Emporio Ivankov and Jinbe with minimal effort. During the decisive ten day battle on Punk Hazard for the position of fleet admiral, Akainu showed the furious power of his Devil Fruit as he changed the weather of one side of Punk Hazard and left it in a blaze. Since he was able to change the environment into magma and lava, we can assume that Akainu has awakened his Devil Fruit.



Magellan has eaten the Doku Doku no Mi, a very powerful Paramecia-type Devil Frui that allows him to generate and manipulate poison. His most infamous technique is a three-headed dragon called the Hydra; the attack is composed of corrosive liquid poison that causes lethal nerve-paralysis and melts the victims at the same time.
Magellan’s ultimate attack is Venom Demon: Hell’s Judgment which appears as a gigantic, skeletal-looking demonic beast, and Magellan has stated that the poison used is powerful enough to “destroy Impel Down itself.” Not only is the poison more lethal and caustic than Hydra, but it also spreads out from any surface it touches, literally “infecting” everything, including stone.
There’s no confirmation in the series, but considering what we know about Paramecia Awakenings (giving you greater control of the environment) and what we’ve seen Magellan do, it’s possible that he has awakened his devil fruit.



Minotaurus is one of the five Jailer Beasts in Impel Down and the first one to appear. He has eaten an as-of-yet unnamed Zoan type Devil Fruit that allows him to become a cow. Because he is an “Awakened Zoan”, he is able to recover rapidly even after suffering high amounts of damage.


Minozebra is one of the five Jailer Beasts of Impel Down. He has eaten an as-of-yet unnamed Zoan type Devil Fruit that made him permanently become a zebra. He’s an “Awakened Zoan” too.


Minokoala is one of the five Jailer Beasts of Impel Down. He is an “awakened” Zoan Devil Fruit user that ate a devil fruit that allows him to turn into a koala.


Minorhinoceros is one of the five Jailer Beasts of Impel Down. He is an “awakened” Zoan Devil Fruit user, having eaten a Devil Fruit that allows him to turn into a rhino.


After the death of its previous owner, Carmel, Linlin somehow acquired the powers of the Soru Soru no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to manifest peoples’ souls as an ethereal substance that she can grab hold of, so long as the intended victim feels fear. She can then steal the soul from the victim, taking away their lifespan by an amount of her choosing.
Once she has them, Big Mom can infuse the stolen souls into objects to give them life, turning them into beings called homies, which act as her servants. Nearly anything can be made into a homie, including animals, plants, minerals, liquids, furniture, food, buildings and even intangible things such as fire, air, and light. Anything made into a homie gains human-like attibutes, such as the ability to walk and talk. The only things that cannot be made into homies are people and corpses.
Recently we have seen some techniques that could prove to be the result of Soru Soru no Mi Awakening: while souls cannot be infused into living beings, the user themself appears to be an exception to a certain extent. It is possible for one to sacrifice a portion of their own lifespan in exchange for extra power and size, with the amount of strength gained being dependent on the strength of the soul. In addition, the user can turn their individual body parts into Homies themselves, allowing said parts to act independently of the user’s own normal bodily functions. Big Mom, for example, can give life to her own skeleton and order it to restructure itself in case of broken bones, thus providing an unique form of self-healing.

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