Garp’s strength in comparison to Roger and Whitebeard

The biggest reason people consider Roger and Garp to be close in strength was that Roger said that they nearly killed each other multiple times.

However, that may have been when they were younger or when Roger was at a disadvantage.

Here are some things suggesting that Roger and Whitebeard may have been on another level than Garp when they were in their primes.

1) Buggy in chapter 233 stated that Whitebeard was the only man capable of going neck to neck with the former pirate king Roger.

2) Whitebeard was considered the world’s strongest man, and not Garp. If Whitebeard was equal to Roger, that would mean that Roger was also noticeably stronger than Garp. Even after being weakened by sickness, Whitebeard was recognized as the strongest.

3) Shiki, even though he admitted that Roger’s power was enormous even though he hated him, and even respected Whitebeard, called Sengoku and Garp “weak scum”.

4) Whitebeard was considered the ruler of the seas in his time without Roger. It would not have been the case if Garp was equal or even close to Roger/Whitebeard because the marines wouldn’t allow a pirate to hold such a title. Garp himself called Whitebeard the ruler of the seas.

And Doflamingo too

All these things lead me to conclude that Garp wasn’t actually close to Whitebeard or Roger in their primes. Maybe he was able to damage Roger when they were younger, but not later on.

So what do you think?

*Theory by Ichijinijisanji

Written by Gus


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  1. I Admit though roger and whitebeard might be slightly stronger than Garp but don’t think there is much gap
    The reason is all the were at there prime (Garp slightly elder than Roger , dont know about WB )

    Roger never actually fought shiki it was the change of weather which saved them

    WB had df ability which might have made him stronger than Garp (strongest paramecia if you all remember)

    Roger himself admitted and respected each others strength becoz Garp is not the kind of guy who let’s his army do the work he himself might have fought with Roger

    All three might have hated each other but also respected each other as well

  2. nope! garp can face roger or white beard in 1vs1 because garp can destroy mountains using a fist without devil fruit powers white beard earthquake power didnt destroy the iron wall in the navy head quarters because he is sick and old , garp is old and many people are getting scared just by hearing the name of garp , garp is strong enough but doesnt kill anyone because garp is kind to all , garp wanted to fight only and defend anyone who is innocent that’s why garp doesnt need the title of being the strongest man because even the 5 elders knows the power of garp.

  3. I dont think so. Roger only surrender to Garp and no other marines. Cuz no one would believe that Roger is captured by Sengoku or a no name marines.

    If Roger or Whitebeard is the strongest pirate. Garp is the strongest Marine.

    The three of them is feared and respect by there subordinate or other people that know the name.

  4. Roger surrendered himself to marine doesn’t have anything to do with Garp roger accomplished the impossible and had nothing to regret

  5. Im not sure about who is the strongest between them. I think Grap, WB and Roger are equal in term of power. Grap for instant doesn’t even use DF to fight his enemy. Grap pure strenght is remarkable especially his haki. Moreover,during the Marineford arc,when Garp punched Marco without using haki (Busoshoku Haki),WB reacted using his serious expression. WB know how far Grap can be.

  6. well i respect the post!

    like what you said WB is in Equal ground on Roger but! WB got devil fruit unlike Roger!

    in the past they said only Garp The Hero is the only marine who can corner Roger!
    When both of them dont have devil fruit and only have Haki!

    it only conclude that on power to Haki there almost equal!

    + in current manga Dogtooth vs Luffy
    dogtooth said theres a power much powerful than haki it self!

    we didnt know if garp roger or wb got that power!

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