We remember when we saw Absalom’s true body:


Underneath his garments is a body stitched together from various animal parts. Absalom’s skin is that of an elephant, and his muscles are a mixture of bear and gorilla. The combined weight of these transplants, along with his body, gives Absalom a total weight of 300 kilograms. These transplants on Absalom’s body were all performed by Hogback.

This modifications give him remarkable endurance, as he managed to get up and kidnap Nami even after being brutalized by multiple powerful kicks from Sanji, only being definitively knocked unconscious by a powerful electrical attack from Nami shortly afterward.

While averrage soldier of an army or pirats/marines/WG personal would get defeated with one simple kick from Sanji, Absalom’s strong body allowed him to take many powerful attacks from Sanji and still being able to get up. This shows that Hogbacks is able to create strong fighters with his medical knowledge.

While his body was made of normal animals, there are a lot of very strong animals in OP that are much stronger than the animals Absalom’s body is made of.

With utilizing stronger animal bodies, Hogback or an surgeon with similiar medical knowledge could produce a stronger body.

For example: Instead of utilizing the muscles of a gorilla they muscles of a humandrill could be used instead:


The Humandrills are extremely powerful due to their beastly physical prowess which greatly supplement their self taught fighting skills. They were a major obstacle to Zoro when he tried to reach the ocean and they even destroyed the boat that Dracule Mihawk gave him to leave the island. One of them was seen withstanding Zoro’s Oni Giri attack without falling to the ground, using spit to heal its wound. Perhaps a great testimony to their fighting strength would be when Mihawk reacted with visible surprise after Zoro revealed that he had defeated them all.

Another example would be the usage of Rusukaina animals.


There were over 500 animals that were stronger then Luffy pretimeskip, infact there were animals so strong that Luffy was forced to develop Gear 4. There was even an animal so strong that Luffy said to Rayleigh that his Kong Gun didn’t work against it.

This shows that with the usage of these strong animals, someone like Hogback could create an army of strong fighters by modification the bodies of soldiers.


This either could be used by Hogback who could create a new army for Moriah or an another medical genius such as Vegapunk could create another “Human Weapon” by modificating the bodies of soldiers.

By modification the bodies of the fighters, they could create an army very strong fighters who are so strong that they are able to take several strong attacks from dangerous fighters. This makes them stronger then the averrage fighters of other famous forces like the armies of Yonko’s or the Marines.

*Theory by Name Is C

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