Killer’s real identity and why he will be an ally and part of Wano.

Killer is part of the Supernovas, who are very important characters in the One Piece story who all have or will have a big role in the story.

Luffy and Zoro are main characters, Law has been a very important character who is allied with the Straw Hats and will play a big role in Wano, Capone played a big role in Whole Cake Island, Kid is foreshadowed to be very important and also is after Shanks, Luffy’s role model, Appoo and Hawkings aparently allied with Kaido, along with X-Drake, Urouge defeated a Sweet Commander on his own and Bonney has been shown to have some connection with White Beard and seems to be on Luffy’s side. The only Supernova who doesn’t appear to be very important is Killer. Oda is not the kind of writer to create a character and making him irrelevant, especially for a important group such as the Supernovas.

So, who exactly is Killer? How does he actually look like? Where is he from? Let’s find out!

The initial objective of this theory was only to find out the reason why Killer wears a mask.
But after a lot of research and connecting the dots, I came to the conclusion that Killer is part of the Kozuki family and will play a big role in Wano.

Let’s start with the CoverStory of chapter 631, where we see Crocus drinking sake with a mysterious character wearing a hat from Wano. Crocus was a member of the Roger Pirates, along with Oden Kozuki, Momonosuke’s dad. We later find out that he was executed by Kaido and the Shogun of Wano. So the person from Wano in the cover story is not Oden, but is most likely related to him, because of the connection with Crocus. So I think he is probably Oden’s brother, but I will get into that later on in the video. But design wise, The only thing that we can see from him other than his hat and kimono is his hair, which is a long, blonde one, extremely similar to Killer’s.
Again, I’ll bring that up later on.


Killer’s most interesting feature is the helmet that he wears, which hides his face completely.
He wears that that helmet for a reason, and it ties in with his past in Wano. Let’s get into a little bit of speculation now. When a kid, he was always fascinated with becoming a pirate, due to his uncle, Oden, going to travel along with Gol D. Roger and his crew. He aways asked his dad, probably the mysterious person in the cover story, if he could also become a pirate. But he said no and that he could not ever leave Wano. That made Killer very mad, due to him wanting to go out and explore the World. But one day he decided that he would escape and go to seas to become a pirate, and so he did. But shortly after he was captured and turned into one of the Celestial Dragon’s slave. Then he realizes that he should have stayed in Wano with his dad and the rest of the family. Because he became a slave, he got the infamous “mark of slaves” put into him, which makes the person who has it feel basically worthless. But unlike Boa Hancock, who also has the mark on her back, Killer’s was put right in his face.


Eventually he escaped and decided to wear a helmet so no one would see it . Being a slave also made him not want to return to Wano, because he was ashamed of who he became, so he decided to keep trying to become a pirate, which is what he always wanted. He eventually joins the Kid Pirates.

This next piece of evidence I found and will talk about basically 100% confirms the idea that Killer is related to Oden, Momonosuke and the rest of the Kozuki family (in my opinion, heheh). Killer was born February second, a date that might seem irrelevant at first, but when you research about it, it becomes extremely important to this theory. It was the day that Bessho Nagaharu died. Bessho Nagaharu was a Japanese daymo of a Samurai society back in the Sengoku period. He ended up having to commit seppuku, a form of sacrifice only for samurai, in exchange for the lives of his allies. This perfectly mirrors Oden Kozuki, who was a daymo in Wano and sacrificed himself for his son and retainers. Of course, there are a lot more similarities between Bessho and Oden, but I don’t want to make this theory 2 pages long XD Honestly, this is way too specific to be a coincidence, I couldn’t even believe my eyes when I first discovered this connection. Oda is clearly hinting that Killer and Oden are somehow connected.


Another thing that I want to bring up is the thought that the reason why Killer hides his face is because he has scars on it. I strongly disagree with that idea because not only it would be anticlimactic, but it would also not make any sense. As we see from his new design after the two year time skip, he has a lot of what seems to be scars on his arm. I see a lot of people saying that those scars extend until his face, but if you check out his neck closely, there are none, so that idea is totally debunked.

A few weeks ago, the above picture about an One Piece event in Kyoto started circulating online. In it we see the straw hats along with three new characters: a male, female and a Chimera. A lot of people said these characters are not canon because they are based on a Japanese legend. I believe they are canon because from what we have seen, a lot of characters from Wano or even the arc itself is based on a legend. For example: Momonosuke is based on Momotarou, who was a boy that was born from a peach and went on an adventure along with a dog, bird and monkey to defeat an Oni, who probably resembles Kaido. Now let’s get back to Killer. I believe these two characters are from the Kozuki family. We can’t really tell who exactly they are to Killer, siblings, parents or even cousins, so we will just have to speculate on that part for now.

Another thing I wanted to add is that Killer and Hancock were probably slaves in the same place, because Boa is only 4 years older than him, and freed by Fisher Tiger later on.

Now that we have Killer’s past out of the way, let’s talk about his importance in the upcoming Wano Kuni arc and how he will help the straw hats defeat the Yonko Kaido. We all know that the Kozuki family will play a very big role in Wano, helping the straw hats and revealing a lot more information about the Poneglyphs. In case you missed it, Eustass Kid was captured by Kaido and the rest of the beast pirates and taken as a prisoner. It is basically obvious that someone like Killer, the vice captain of the Kid Pirates along with the crew would want to go to Wano to rescue him. It will be pretty though for Killer to return to Wano, the land where he left his family and became a slave, but he has to save his captain. He will somehow come across the straw hats and decide to ally with them so he can defeat Kaido and get his captain back, since he will need a lot of help. Eventually, while with Luffy and his crew, he will meet up
with Momonosuke and, if still alive, the other members of the Kozuki family. He will take a lot of courage and reveal himself to be the boy who ran away to be a pirate, will show his mark on the forehead and beg for forgiveness, and of course, they will forgive Killer. So the straw hats pirates, minks, heart pirates, Kozuki family, kid pirates, samurais, White Beard pirates and probably even some new character who have not been introduced yet will take on the Yonko Kaido and his crew on an epic war, which will probably feature a few warlords and even CP0.
After Kaido is defeated, Killer will probably get his captain back and continue their adventure and try to take down Shanks.

This would be the perfect time and way to introduce Killer. Not only it would make his character interesting and relevant to the story, it would also tie in with the arc. He also has a reason to be in Wano (and most likely will be), due to his captain being there.

Here’s the youtube video version:

*Theory by Rumbar

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