Top 10 Snipers In One Piece


A Sniper is a person adept at utilizing as well as maintaining range weaponry.
Snipers usually have great eyesight and accuracy, allowing them to hit difficult targets from a considerable distance. Due to their choice of weaponry, snipers excel best at long-range combat. Weapons that most snipers prefer to utilize include rifles and pistols, but can also include artillery such as cannons and mortars and highly customized weapons that best suits the sniper’s skill.


Considering that in the “One Piece” World we have the World’s Greatest Swordsman in Mihawk, could it be possible that a World’s Greatest Sniper exists?
Could it be possible that Usopp may one day be regarded as the World’s Greatest Sniper instead of a brave warrior of the sea?

In One Piece there are only a hand full of Snipers and some of them are extremely talented. Let’s see who they are:

10 – Jean Ango

Jean Ango is a bounty hunter. He joined as a gladiator at the Corrida Colosseum to compete for the Mera Mera no Mi.
Jean Ango has stated that he is a sniper, but rather than using firearms or other conventional projectile weapons, Jean throws the many weapons he steals, turning the arms of his defeated foes against his new ones. He demonstrates fittingly great strength and precision with his throwing, and despite his large size, is nimble and stealthy enough to rob items from opponents while he fights them.
The fact that he can survive the New World with no problem is a testament of his skills, as well as being able to capture escapees of Impel Down including level six criminals.

9 – Rindo

Rindo is the best sniper of the Kuja tribe, and an elite member, strong enough to join the Kuja Pirates. As a Kuja, she has knowledge and possibility to use Haki, as all the members of the crew do.
Rindo’s signature weapon is a large bazooka rifle. As the best sniper of the Kuja Pirates, she is the only member who prefers to use a gun over a bow and arrow or even a sword. However, the ammunition is an arrow-weapon type which was a harpoon rather than explosive rounds.

8 – Gladius

As one of the officers of the Donquixote Pirates, Gladius is a powerful fighter. He is known for his skills in artillery, as he taught Law how to use firearms.
Gladius ate the Pamu Pamu no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to make any inorganic object he touches rupture and explode by causing the object to swell until it bursts.
His arms appear to be equipped with a firing mechanism which he uses in conjunction with his Devil Fruit ability to shoot rupturing bullets. It also seems that his goggles give him telescope-like vision, similar to Usopp’s goggles, which increases his accuracy. Additionally, his hair is coated in a paralyzing agent, which becomes a dangerous projectile when combined with his Devil Fruit powers.

7 – Trebol

Trebol is one of the top three officers of the Donquixote Pirates.
He has extraordinary hand-eye coordination, making him a powerful shooter. With a bullet made of mucus fired from his index finger at extreme speed, he casually shot down a nearby fly mid-flight, just seconds after noticing it, hitting it directly between its eyes while piercing a wall behind with explosive force, blasting through three layers of reinforced concrete. He is also extremely fast and can leap over long distances at impressive speeds. Despite his skinny build, he holds a tremendous level of physical strength.
He is shown to have a strong will, being able to withstand the clash of Haoshoku Haki between Luffy and Doflamingo.

6 – Usopp

Usopp is a extremely skilled sniper. Since early in the series, he was shown to have inherited much of his father Yasopp’s exceptional marksman skills. Usopp has outstanding marksmanship abilities with the slingshot, his favourite weapon. His skills when used in conjuntion with unique ammunitions such as the Firebird Star, Usopp can deal devastating damage in long range combat. In addition to his slingshot, Usopp also has great skill in using Naval Artillery such as ship cannons and the Gaon Cannon of the Thousand Sunny.
Usopp also has extremely sharp eyesight, and has on more than one occasion seen or noticed things before his crewmates.
While not at the same level as Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji, Usopp’s endurance and willpower is considerably strong.
Usopp has awakened his Kenbunshoku Haki in Dressrosa anyway he does not yet have control over it as he just awakened it during his attack to knock out Sugar.
Another one of Usopp’s attributes is that he is a fast runner, which makes him an evasive fighter.

5 – Lucky Roo

Lucky Roo is a member of the Red Hair Pirates and one of Shanks’ core crew members.
Lucky Roo is the first person to kill someone both in the anime and the manga, by shooting a mountain bandit in the head at point blank range.
During Romance Dawn, we see one of Higuma’s men pointing a gun at Shanks’ head, then after Shanks warns him suddenly Lucky Roo appears and shoots him. Now here’s the question, how can a big man like that go there that quickly without being noticed? It is likely that he is based on Lucky Luke (a fictional cowboy -gunfighter- from the “Lucky Luke” Franco-Belgian comic book) that is known as “The man who shoots faster than his shadow”.

4 – Van Augur

Van Augur, nicknamed “The Supersonic”, is the sniper of the Blackbeard Pirates.
Van Augur is shown to have great speed in shooting and running, as he did during his battle against Portgas D. Ace. His powerful eyesight makes him a valuable asset as a scout for the crew, as he managed to spot Akainu on board an approaching Marine battleship. He also demonstrated superhuman endurance for his thin figure as he endured one of Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi shockwaves (albeit not a direct hit) and Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s shockwaves with the rest of the Blackbeard Pirates.
As the sniper of the crew, Van Augur uses a rifle called Senriku in battle. The rifle is extra long in length, and allows extraordinary long range shooting. Combined with his eyesight and immense marksmanship skills, this makes Senriku a lethal long-range weapon.

3 – Capone Bege

Capone “Gang” Bege, is a mafia don-turned-pirate and the captain of the Fire Tank Pirates.
Bege is an extraordinary master in marksmanship. With a Tommy Gun, Bege could land multiple accurate shots on Katakuri, which caught him off-guard, which is an extremely notable feat as the latter is an extremely skilled master of Kenbunshoku Haki who could see slightly ahead into the future. From an extremely far distance, Bege managed to fire a shot at Charlotte Oven with pinpoint precision from his ship at sea without hurting Chiffon.
Bege ate the Shiro Shiro no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows him to create and maintain a dimensional fortress inside his body. He can house a massive force of subordinates within his body, as well as horses and cannons.

2 – Charlotte Katakuri

Alongside his tremendous physical strength, speed & reflexes, his incredible haki power and his Mochi Mochi no Mi Devil Fruit ability that lets him create, control, and transform into mochi at will, he is highly skilled in flicking jelly beans as improvised bullets with great accuracy. He could hit Jigra in the head from so far away that Bege did not even notice him, and later would have hit Sanji as well had the latter not dodged at the last moment. He can even shoot several jelly beans at once to hit multiple targets simultaneously.

1 – Yasopp

Yasopp is the sniper of the Red Hair Pirates and one of Shanks’ core crewmates.
Yasopp is noted to be a tremendously skilled marksman, capable of shooting the antennae off of an ant at one hundred feet away without harming the rest of it. Luffy also stated that he had never seen him miss a shot. Being a sniper, he carries guns around with him almost all the time. Early on he is seen carrying a flintlock pistol, but later he carries a musket. His reputation was such that when Shanks was looking for potential crew members, he sought out Yasopp who had apparently already made quite a name for himself.

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