New Straw Hats Bounties After Whole Cake Island


After Dressrosa arc most of the crew’s bounties were raised by 50 million. Only the main problem makers got an enormous raise in their bounties.

Luffy‘s bounty has been increased from  Beli
400,000,000 to  Beli
500,000,000 for defeating Caesar Clown and Donquixote Doflamingo of the Shichibukai and forming an alliance with the Heart Pirates, Usopp‘s bounty from  Beli
30,000,000 to  Beli
200,000,000 for helping take down ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo, sniping down officer Sugar of the Donquixote Pirates and for saving the enslaved people of Dressrosa and Zoro‘s bounty from  Beli120,000,000 to  Beli320,000,000 for his involvement with helping take down ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo and taking down elite officer Pica of the Donquixote Pirates. Contrariwise, Sanji‘s bounty has been increased from  Beli77,000,000 to  Beli177,000,000 just because of his father and king of the Germa Kingdom, Vinsmoke Judge.

Luffy is currently at Whole Cake Island, and there, he has completely destroyed Big Mom’s plan for obtaining the military strength of Germa 66. Luffy & co. will probably get a bounty increase for their actions against Big Mom.

Assuming that Beli100,000,000  will be the default increase for the events since they’re dealing with a Yonko (in this case Zoro could reach Beli420,000,000, Franky Beli190,000,000, Nico Robin Beli230,000,000, Usopp Beli300,000,000), here’s my estimates:

Luffy should have the biggest boost for being one of the mastermind of the commotion at Whole Cake Island, stealing Jinbe from Big Mom, working with the Fire Tank Pirates, working with the Germa 66, defeating one of the Three Sweet Commanders Charlotte Cracker, maybe defeating the strongest Sweet Commander Charlotte Katakuri. His bounty could reach Beli750,000,000!!

Sanji also should have a big boost for being the son of Judge Vinsmoke, which will now be public knowledge, for escaping under Germa Kingdom’s custody, for revolting against Big Mom and for taking her daughter. Now he is making the cake for Big Mom with a secret ingredient. His bounty could reach Beli350,000,000.

Brook should have a HUGE boost for stealing a Poneglyph, damaging a Yonkou’s soul weapons and causing Big Mom’s riot. His bounty could reach Beli300,000,000.

Jinbe should have a solid bounty increase for betraying Big Mom, joining the StrawHats and reforming the Sun Pirates. His bounty could reach  Beli600,000,000

Nami could reach Beli180,000 for controlling King Baum and Zeus, escaping Big Mom, helping defeat one of the Three Sweet Commanders Charlotte Cracker.

Chopper: Maybe a slight bump? The gag must live on! His bounty could reach Beli200 😀

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