10 Things You Should Know About Mihawk

  • Mihawk is the first Shichibukai shown in the series.
  • As a child, Mihawk had many scratches and bruises from training. He used a bokken as his weapon. He dressed in a dark-colored open jacket, short pants, shoes and a light-colored belt.
  • Mihawk has not received even a single scratch in One Piece so far.
  • He possesses eyes which can easily track things moving beyond the speed of sound.
  • Mihawk possesses the Black Blade “Yoru”, which is one of the 12 Saijo ō wazamono grade swords.
  • He and Edward Weevil are the only Shichibukai who do not belong or have belonged to a pirate crew or organization.
  • Mihawk, along with Rayleigh, is the only person to travel through the Calm Belt all alone.
  • He is the only Shichibukai with no known bounty.
  • Mihawk shares his birthday with Shanks and Franky (March 9).
  • In the 5th Japanese Fan Poll, Mihawk ranked as the 23rd most popular character, making this the first poll where he was not ranked as the most popular Shichibukai.

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