Top 15 Best One Piece Moments Of 2017 [Spoilers 890+]


#15Nami baits Zeus with thunderclouds, and the cloud homie’s angry attack allows Brook to slice it in half before Nami manipulates its energy to deliver a massive shock to Big Mom! Nami then captures Zeus and asks if it would like to serve her or die.


#14Sanji standing above the Vinsmokes – At their table, the Vinsmoke Family are being held at gunpoint by the Charlottes. Judge responds in shock and despair, but his children are unmoved. Sanji frees all of his family from their bindings with Diable Jambe kicks.

Bonus: Sanji dodging Katakuri’s jelly bean attack like a boss. His ability to both sense the bullet and dodge it left even Katakuri surprised!

#13Pudding revealing her real nature, as well as Big Mom’s true plans, leading to Sanji crying in the rain.


#12Brook pulling out the copies of Big Mom’s poneglyphs from within his skull.

#11Jinbe leaving Big Mom’s crew and joining the Straw Hat Pirates crew.

#10The Straw Gang Alliance against Big Mom Pirates – Knowing that they are vastly outnumbered by Big Mom’s forces, Jinbe asks Luffy about proposing an alliance to Capone Bege, who also seeks to bring down Big Mom in order to destabilize the world’s structure of power. Luffy reluctantly agrees to work towards a deal.

#9-At the Fire Tank Pirates’ base, Luffy and Brook emerge from their bath, with Luffy discontent due to relaxing before the battle has started. They then open a fridge and take out some milk, despite a Fire Tank Pirate member berating them for their rudeness. They then drink the milk, which heals Luffy’s missing tooth and Brook’s skull crack, appalling the guard.

#8Brook goes up to the Carmel portrait in a Luffy disguise and shatters it with a hammer.

#7Katakuri‘s epic introduction, his crazy bounty and Bege hyping him up (he has extraordinary mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki, having trained to such a degree that he can see slightly ahead into the future.)

#6Katakuri‘s Face Revealed – As he gorged on giant donuts, Luffy broke into his house after eating his way out of the mochi and saw him in the state of eating. This made Katakuri furious, and he quickly dispatched his chefs before attacking Luffy, overwhelming him with strong Busoshoku Haki.

#5-Big Mom is blown away by Jinbe’s punch. This was an impressive feat as Jinbe was the first person seen to knock her down!

#4-In the outskirts of Sweet City, Sanji gives Luffy his bento basket. Luffy eats it and regains his strength. Sanji confess that he truly wants to return to the crew and Luffy offers his support in ruining the ceremony.

#3Brook Challenges Big Mom 2 Times!The second time(chapter 890) he cuts Zeus and saves the Sunny.

#2Carrot‘s Transformation – Carrot is able to access the Sulong transformation when looking at the full moon. Her appearance changes, she has pure white hair and blood red eyes. In this form, Carrot’s speed, agility, and fighting prowess incredibly increase.

#1-During the escape from Whole Cake Island, Pedro sacrificed himself to ensure his team’s escape. He lights up the bombs in his jacket, causing a massive explosion that engulfs him and Perospero.


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