Unexpected Ally in Wano?


Shiryu of the Rain is looking for the Shodai Kitetsu

Wano is a place where Samurai live and from the information I’ve gathered there could be an unexpected ally who would help the Pirate-Ninja-Mink-Samurai Alliance.


First clue is one of the members of the Alliance: “Raizo of the Mist”. Now that epithet sounds familiar.

We met him in the Impel Down arc and he is the Swordsman and the Commander of Blackbeard’s 2nd Fleet.

“Shiryu of the Rain”


This is one of the few people who I believe is able to fight equally with Mihawk and has the skills to beat skilled Swordsmen like Zoro at the moment.

Why would he be in Wano? He might be looking for something special that is hidden in Wano!!

Shodai Kitetsu “Demon-Splitter”


This is the other known Supreme Grade Sword, the other being Mihawk’s Yoru.
Shiryu vs Mihawk is a highly speculated match but he needs to be prepared for it so he would want a sword of the same level as Mihawk.
Although this is a cursed sword that is said to bring horrible death on all of its users, Shiryu could take this for its unknown powers.
The current owner of the Sword could be the Shogun of Wano. Shiryu might help out in return he would get the Shodai Kitetsu after the rebellion take down the Shogun.

*Bonus: In future Zoro could be the first to beat all the supreme grade swords.

Shiryu vs The Shogun 
Shiryu vs the Shogun sounds like an awesome battle.
There’s no proof of this but what if Shiryu was banished from Wano and the Shogun had something to do with it so he’s back for Revenge?

That’s it for this theory: I believe that Shiryu will make his appearance in Wano because of his origins as “Shiryu of the Rain” and we could see his skills level in a fight with the Shogun or even with Zoro.

And on the topic of Wano I also hope that we could clear about the cursed swords of Kitetsu.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido


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