Red Hair Pirates vs Blackbeard Pirates


Many fans believe that Shanks has a very deep personal history with Blackbeard (Shanks’ Scar), and that the old Yonko will soon challenge the new Yonko: Shanks vs. Blackbeard


With Shanks and Blackbeard fighting, their crews will also fight.


Interesting is that from what we’ve seen so far, BOTH Pirate Crews have exactly 10 members. Coincidence? I doubt it. Same counts for the Straw Hats too.


Now you could make a case for the Blackbeard Pirates having 11 members, because of:

  1. Stronger the horse – He might be a Zoan user
  2. Blackbeard’s Crew has 10 Captains, Jesus Burgess being the 1st Captain. Blackbeard himself + 10 Captains would be 11 members.

Then the Blackbeard Pirates would have 1 more member than the Red Hair Pirates. Here is where Dracule Mihawk comes into play. He and Shanks can be considered good friends, and he would never stand still while Shanks is in great danger.

What I am getting at are 3 key matchups:


  • Shanks vs. Teach
  • Mihawk vs. Shiliew
  • Yasopp vs. Van Augur

What comes next:

  • Teach kills Shanks
  • Shiliew kills Mihawk
  • Van Augur kills Yasopp

This would lead to a whole new level of emotion & drama in the One Piece story! Luffy wouldn’t be able to return the Hat, Zoro wouldn’t be able to defeat the one he tried to surpass his entire life, and Usopp wouldn’t be able to reunite with his dad as a brave warrior of the sea.

This would also increase the friction/hatred between Luffy and Blackbeard to infinity. Especially Usopp, Zoro and Luffy would then have a personal vendetta against the Blackbeard Pirates, and their wish for vengeance might be a huge task for the other Straw Hats to handle, and to keep the harmony in the Straw Hat Crew. Then we would have fights like:

  • Luffy vs. Teach -> To avenge Shanks
  • Zoro vs. Shiliew -> To avenge Mihawk
  • Usopp vs. Van Augur -> To avenge Yasopp

*Theory by Gobee129

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