Who was part of the Legendary Rox Pirates?


The short Reverie Arc had a really big impact and gave us so much background information. Today I want to try to collect all information we have and put them together.


The biggest questions are: Who are the Rox(Rokkusu)-Pirates and what is the connection between them and Big Mom and the Lurking Legend?


We know that the age of the Rox-Pirates is more than 40 years ago and before Rogers Age.
Which character was already active at this time? If it was their age I assume the period of their reign was more than just one year.
The current era of the great pirate age has been going on for 24 years. If Roger’s age has start with his last and greatest journey, his age had been going on for roundabout 5 years.
and because this is a speculation thread, i speculate that the age of the Rox had been going on for about 10 years.
Okay so: Here is a list of the characters, who were already old enough to take a part in the history of the Rox-Pirates-Age.

(Just for your information: In brackets is the start and end age of each character in the 10 years of the age. Besides, if known, what they did in time)

  • Dr. Kureha (90-100 yrs. old)
  • Dorry & Broggy (both 110-120 yrs. old – fighting in Little Garden)
  • Brook (40-50 yrs. old – on the ship of the Rumbar-Pirates. While all his crew died when he was 41 – he sailed alone for 9 years in the florian triangle. Important note for later: He might known Roger as a Rookie but didn’t recognize Big Mom.


  • Hajrudin (31-41 yrs. old)
  • Sengoku (29 – 39 yrs. old)
  • Monkey D. Garp (28-38 yrs. old)
  • Rayleigh (28-38 yrs. old)
  • Gol D. Roger (27 – 37 yrs. old)
  • Tsuru (26 – 36 yrs. old)
  • Edward Newgate (24 – 34 yrs. old)
  • Crocus (23 – 33 yrs. old)
  • Lao G (20 – 30 yrs. old)
  • Charlotte Linlin (18 – 28 yrs. old)
  • Loki (15 – 25 yrs. old)
  • Road (15 – 25 yrs. old)
  • Goldberg (15 – 25 yrs. old)
  • Jora (11 – 21 yrs. old)
  • Borsalino (8 – 18 yrs. old)
  • Sakazuki (5 – 15 yrs. old)

Kuzan, Gekko Moriah and other characters are at most 10 years old – so I’m leaving them out.
But there are characters who are definitely older than 10 and could play a role in the story:

  • Kaido (Big Mom reminded him of the past)
  • The Gorosei (even from their look they are just old)
  • Shiki
  • Dr. Hiluluk
  • Chinjao
  • Shakky
  • Streusen
  • Kong
  • Bakkin
  • Im-Sama

Okay, now we have a list and can jump to the next chapter:

Where do the individuals belong to?

Marines & Government:


  • Im-Sama (Position: ?)
  • The Gorosei (Position: Heads of the Government)
  • Kong (As he was the Fleet-Admiral at Edd-War, I think we can assume that he was at least a Vice-Admiral 50-40 yrs. ago)
  • Sengoku (Maybe already a Vice-Admiral)
  • Garp (In this time period he received his titel “Hero of the Marines” – maybe already a Vice-Admiral)
  • Tsuru (same as Sengoku and Garp – maybe already a Vice-Admiral)
  • Borsalino and Sakazuki (maybe Chore-boys?)


  • Rayleigh (as he was invited from a young Roger to join his crew, probably also a Rookie)
  • Gol D. Roger (50 yrs. ago as a Rookie)
  • Whitebeard (even younger as Roger = Rookie)
  • Streusen and Big Mom (together they formed the Big Mom Pirates)
  • Kaido (?)
  • Shiki (As he is probably the same age as Roger and Garp => Rookie)
  • Shakky (it’s only stated, that Garp tried to capture her, more than 40 yrs. ago, when she was an active pirate)
  • Chinjao (fought with Garp 30 yrs ago – and from his looks he is as old as Garp. So he was back then in his 20s. Maybe a Rookie, maybe already a well-known pirate.)
  • Lao G (?)
  • Hajrudin, Road, Goldberg (but at this time probably not active yet)
  • Brook & the Rumbar Pirates (well, those guys were no rookies and over all the only known pirate group from this age yet)
  • Jora (probably just a kid)
  • Bakkin (sailed with Witebeard 40 years ago on the same ship)


  • Crocus
  • Dr. Kureha
  • Dr. Hiluluk
  • Loki

We’ve got plenty of characters who could have a connection to the Rox-Pirates. But I want to pay attention to a few:

  1. Brook
  2. Big Mom
  3. Kaido
  4. Garp
  5. Shakky
  6. Rayleigh & Roger
  7. Whitebeard
  8. Lurking Legend

First, why Brook?

He is currently one of the oldest known pirates. As the Rox-Pirates where the Bigshot at the time, when the Rumbar Pirates where active, they must have heard of them. Nowadays pirates like Big Mom, Whitebeard and Kaido are well-known in the world – especially under pirates. As already stated, that it was the Age of the Rox and Brook probably even knows the Rookie named Roger– he must known the Rox Pirates.
But as he did not recognize Big Mom, I think we can assume, that Big Mom was not part of the crew. She had her own crew – together with Streusen – and in these 10 years she already gave birth to her first children.
I couldn’t find any connection to Kaido – so maybe he does know him, maybe not.

Big Mom

We do know, that she has some connection to Kaido. Also many speculated, that both of them took part in the same crew. But I think, that is not the matter.
As this is a speculation thread – let’s speculate:
Big Mom is known for her endless hunger. Maybe she wanted the position of the Rox-Pirates. And as Kaido was a Crewmember of the Rox – they were plotting together the end of the Rox-Pirates-Age. I will go on this later in further details.
Otherwise she just wanted Kaido for her dream to create a Land, where every species can live. Also later in further details.


In his first appearance he is introduced as the strongest creature in this world. He can not die and the main question is why?
As stated earlier, I think he could be a member of the Rox-Pirates. We don’t know his actual age, but he was not mentioned from Garp etc. to be part of the old generation. So I think he was a rookie at this time. Like Shanks & Buggy on Rogers ship.
But what connection does he had with Big Mom? Maybe he had a romantic relationship with her and the fruits of this relationship are KatakuriDaifuku and Oven.

Furthermore I think – because of his appearance – he could possibly be descended from one of the giant peoples (Like Oz).

Now we have two options:
1.) Big Mom offered Kaido to give him more life through her Soul-Fruit. And in exchange he gave her some love.
2.) Big Mom and Kaido had a relationship and wanted to end the age of the Rox-Pirates – so Big Mom took the lifespan of the captain and gave it to Kaido. And whoever the captain was – he could have had a reeeeally high lifespan and that’s why Kaido is so invincible.
As his lifespan was already cut to an end – Garp came, defeated him and gained the title of the Hero.

Monkey D. Garp

Nowdays he is known as the Hero of the Marines and that he received his title over 40 years ago because of the Rox-Pirates.
Hina: “All this talk of Kaido and Big Mom…They’re the reason you’re called the hero of the marines, aren’t they?
Garp: “Oh Rox, eh? (…) Yes, before Roger, the Age was theirs.

You could think, that this means, they were in the same crew, but as I stated before, I do not think, that this is the case. Maybe the Big Mom-Pirates were some sort of fleet-members of the Rox-Pirates, but as we have no further information, I want to rely on my speculation.
But there is another character, he was chasing more than 40 years ago:


Why do I think, that Shakky has a connection to the Rox-Pirates and despite her age, why does she look so young?
Garp chasing a Pirate reminds me of Smoker chasing LuffyLuffy will be a big thread in the future – maybe it will be known as the Age of the Strawhat. I do not believe, that Shakky was the captain of the Rox, but that she had her own little crew and end up in joining the Rox-Pirates. Like Ace and the Spade-Pirates with Whitebeard.
42 Years ago she opened her shop on the Sabody Archipel – maybe after the Rox-Crew were disbanded.
Rayleigh and Roger were in their mid-30s, so maybe they got to Sabody and Rayleigh got to know Shakky – his future wife.

Rayleigh & Roger

The Roger Pirates are nowdays known as the most famous pirate crew in the world. Rayleigh was at his age of 76 a 100 times stronger than the rookies on Sabody and was on par with Borsalino – who is an Admiral in his Prime.
Furthermore I think, that the captain of the Rox-Pirates was even stronger than the crew of Roger – but he couldn’t find Raftel and achieve the title of the Pirate King. After the end of the Rox-Pirates, the new age began and those who stood in the shadow of the reign of the Rox-Pirates, came to the light:

  • Roger-Pirates
  • Big Mom-Pirates
  • Kaido-Pirates
  • Golden-Lion-Pirates
  • Whitebeard-Pirates


In the recent chapter, Marco said that WB was more than 40 years ago a member of a pirate crew and Bakkin sailed with him. Maybe there was a romantic situation between them. But as we do nothing more I rather would say, that both of them were just crewmates of the Rox and after the breakdown they started their own lifes.

Lurking Legend

Many people assume, that Im-Sama is the lurking legend and first I thought this too. But as he is a “Legend” he should be known to the world. Legends are normally something people talk about, and nobody had ever seen them, like the Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster. And I don’t think that anyone beside of the Gorosei and the “butler” of Im-Sama do know him. So I don’t think he will be the Lurking Legend.
Do I have an idea who it will be? Nope. Maybe the captain, maybe the vice-captain. But surely he has something to do with the Rox. But who was part of the Rox-Crew?
I tried to put all information I have together. So here is a List of the Rox-Pirates – of course all speculation:

  • Whitebeard
  • Bakkin
  • Kaido
  • Shakky

Maybe even the Level 6-Prisoners Catarina DevonVascoshot and Avalo Pizarro – but I do not know their age and I don’t want to go too far off.
Also most Crew-Names depends on their leader. So, it could be that the Name of the Rox-Pirates is Rox.
That’s for today and I hope you liked it!

*Theory by crate

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