TOP 10 Usopp’s lies that became truth!

His lies always come true!

#1 – Pirates are attacking the village (chap 23). Kuro’s army really attacking.

#2 – A giant goldfish with poop as large as an island. (chap 24). Dorry and Broggy confirmed it.

#3 – Country of Dwarf (chap 24). Dressrosa arc confirmed it.

#4 – Wanted to see a huge mole in Kaya’s mansion (chap 24). Fight with mrs. Merry Christmast.

#5 – A cerberus (chap 40). Actual cerberus in Thriller Bark Arc.

#6 – Same with no.5 this time A dragon (chap 40). Actual Dragon in Punk Hazard.

#7 – Claimed Luffy’s first bounty is his (chap 114). Got his first bounty at 30 million Berry.

#8 – Usopp is an expert in sniping (chap 42). Birth of Sogeking.

#9 – A beautiful swordswoman has come with meat (chap 458). Rebecca.

10 – Has 8 thousand followers (chap 72, 185, and 332). Well, the Elbaf warrior, the dwarves, and all the toys that become humans again.

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