Wano – Time Travel and The Prophecy of 9 Samurais


Now, everything seems to make sense. Back in chapter 819, we see Momonosuke recalling the day Oden castle was destroyed, we see Kinemon saying we’re surrounded which references what Kyoshiro says about driving the Kozuki Samurai into Oden castle and burning them alive in this chapter.



Oden’s wife was killed in this fire and Oden told his subordinates to flee into some escape route that was created or planned for. Trying to place things in chronological order, it seems Oden was being boiled and while being tortured by Kaido, it’s around this time he ordered his men to run into the castle to get into this escape route that had been set up.

The escape route must have been created by his wife via this incantation/curse that we’re told about during this chapter. Kyoshiro in drunken jest mocks Orochi and calls him a coward when in fact, this is no mere incantation, but rather, likely the power of a Devil fruit that allows people to be thrown through time.


This incantation can be in my opinion be interpreted as when the bright of the dawn (or rise of the sun which denotes to coming out of darkness or cruel periods), the Samurai will appear at that moment to make the wish for opening Wano’s borders a reality. Why this is so specific? I can’t say for sure and why it’s 20 years and 9 sheaths or samurai? Not too important in my opinion, but we’ll likely find out in future chapters.

Some Thought Oden Died 3 Months Ago


It seems that Kinemon, Monosuke, Raizo and the 5 appeared back into this time-line just a few months ago as opposed to Oden dying 3 months ago. It appears as though that Kaido took over Wano 20 years ago as he was involved in the death of the Kozuki clan; he was most definitely in Wano.

Not only that, but it shows Kaido’s is far more intelligent than people credit him for. He anticipated that this incantation was real and has stayed in control of Wano for almost 2 decades because he expected Raizo and co. to appear in 20 years in order to interrogate them regarding the secret that Oden learnt at Raftel.

The Source of Inuarashi and Nekomamushi’s Antagonism

We’re told Inuarashi and Nekomamushi followed Oden everywhere he went. One day, they arrived back at Zou injured and fighting each other for some reason.

We can see that Kinemon is actually familiar with Nekomamushi and Inuarashi who were also Oden’s retainers, and Kinemon says he’s surprised by their being alive which ties into what we’re told here by Pedro regardind the contemptuousness held for each other.

I think it’s fair to speculate that Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were present when Oden was killed and his death caused a rift between the 2 – perhaps they blame each other for his demise and no longer work together until Momonosuke showed up at Zou. It however makes sense for them to have been present at his death since they followed Oden everywhere.

Ramifications of Time-Travel & the Story

There are unlikely to be any especially if this is the result of a Devil fruit power. It just serves to be a plot device to make this particular arc interesting and outstanding. Time-Travel is unlikely to become a thing in the story. Not expecting any backtracking such as Luffy going back in time to save Ace or the like, lol.


Oden was a grown man when he was recruited by Roger (not a kid – the kid apprentices were Inuarashi and Nekomamushi meaning they’re like 1-3 years older or younger than Shanks who is currently 39). Momonosuke probably met Roger at the age of 3 when he was recruited at Wano.

If Oden was recruited when Momonsuke was 3, he’d have sailed with Roger for a year at the end of where he became Pirate King, and 5 years later, Oden was killed at which age, Momonosuke would be 8 years old.

At this point in time, Orochi and Kaido had allied together and wiped out the Kozuki clan. In their demise, a prophecy was made of a return in 20 years and Kaido has ruled Wano behind the shadows waiting for Oden’s vassals to return in order to interrogate them.

In the next chapter which is 920, I suspect this will more or less what is addressed where we’d likely be hit with a break.

*Theory by HPsyche

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