How Shanks saved Luffy by meeting the Gorosei


Following the events of the Whole Cake Island Arc, Luffy’s achievements were compiled, inflating his reputation greatly. He went to Big Mom’s territory, defeated 2 of Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Cracker, completed his objective and returned back safely after turning her kingdom upside down.


Though his capabilities were slightly exaggerated by the press, his achievements were great enough for him to be unofficially titled the “Fifth Emperor of the Sea”. These acts, among other things, have given him his current bounty of 1,500,000,000 Berries.


How did Luffy just get on Top of The World Governments Kill List?


Shouldn’t it be Dragon? Shanks? Kaido? Big Mom?…Shiki?

There is a Burning Question


“The Light needs to be extinguished from history…have you decided which it should be? If you have please tell us their name??”

Who did Im-sama choose?
When you look at the picture above you’ll see that there’s a picture of:
• Princess Shirahoshi “Poseidon”
• Marshall D.Teach “Blackbeard”
• Monkey D. Luffy
I believe Im-sama chose Luffy..for now.

Here’s why:
Luffy is currently the only one who isn’t protected by his terrotory unlike Blackbeard who currently resides in Whitebeard’s old territory and Shirahoshi who is protected by Fishman Island which is under the protection of Luffy.
Which makes it easy for the World Government to go after Luffy.
1) It’s impossible and stupid to “Extinguish” Princess Shirahoshi

This will also Break out a war and Otohime believed that she has the ability to sink the entire world into the ocean. It’s highly unlikely that Im-sama would risk this….right now

2) Out of the 3 Blackbeard is probably the strongest

Let’s face it, right now it’s impossible to kill him since he has 2 of the strongest Devil Fruits to date and he’s also a Yonko who is currently residing in Whitebeard’s territory. It would require the full force of the entire Navy to take him and his crew but he’ll also be targeted soon enough.

Shanks also delayed this and saved Luffy for now

At the end of the Reverie arc we saw Shanks meeting the Gorosei

“I want to talk about a certain Pirate..”

Why did Shanks do this? To buy Luffy more time. Shanks is aware of Luffy’s current involvement with both Big Mom and Kaido. And also with Blackbeard, so…
How did he do it? Who was the pirate?
Charlotte Linlin “Big Mom”

Ok it’s stupid but bear with me. She’s a “mentally ill unkillable beast”. But this is a Strategy developed by Shanks.
Fact: Big Mom forced Kaido to hand Luffy over to her and Kaido actually obeyed by not ordering a kill strike on Luffy.


Now this is odd because we know Kaido is someone who prefers boling his enemies but he actually decided to not piss Big Mom off and capture them instead. But Big Mom is never gonna make it to Wano in time.
I believe that Shanks adviced the Gorosei to take this chance to attack Big Mom while her forces are weak and they’ll do exactly that which will force Big Mom to stop and stay behind and defend Whole Cake Island.

We now know that Im-sama is most likely to go after Luffy sooner or later but if he does we know for sure that Luffy will strike back.
But before that let’s look at the Rocks.
They were a person or a group of people who ruled the world 40 years ago before Roger’s Era but they were taken out by Garp.

This means during their reign they were above the Government but made the mistake of not taking them out while they had the chance.

I believe Luffy will have to deal with the full force of the World Government meaning that he will need Allies. But who?
Including the Straw Hat Crew and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet Luffy would most likely ask Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates

Alright so Shanks already saved Luffy 2 times and I believe he did it again by the meeting with the Gorosei. In Chapter 903 Shanks said “it looks like we’ll be able to meet soon”

After seeing Luffy’s new 1,500,000,000 Berries bounty this is a huge indication and foreshadowing that Luffy completed his task of becoming a Great Pirate and that he’s ready to meet Shanks again soon!!

Monkey D. Dragon and The Revolutionary Army

The Revolutionary Army is already sworn to take down the World Government so it’s highly possible either Luffy is going to approach Dragon or Dragon will approach Luffy to do this.

This will probably lead to a War Arc. probably at Mary Geoise.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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