Luffy is the one who will lead the powerful Samurai of Wano


We all know what happened in the last chapter, and some are possibly irritated and understandably so.


That being the case, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and the main objectives. I think it’s necessary to try to read or understand each chapter in context to previous chapters and that’s what I aim to do here. Most importantly, it’s important to read the story from a narrative point in the sense of pure story-telling forgetting the Haki, Awakenings, power scaling and all the aesthetics. I’ll be focusing on what needs to happen for certain outcomes from a realistic narrative point.

So Luffy ran to Kaido and punched Kaido in the head in front of the people of Wano.


Kinemon: We need Ideally 5,000 men / Shutenmaru: No Real Men to Lead Powerful Samurai


Luffy not only punched Kaido, he did so in a setting that fulfils certain purposes from a narrative perspective. Shutenmaru says there’s no one to lead the powerful Samurai of Wano, but with Luffy’s exhibition here, he’s convincingly represented himself as the ideal leader for people to follow – we all know Luffy has a keen ability to draw and make allies easily.


Shutenmaru who is likely to be Ashura Doji will likely have influence. As we learnt in previous chapters, Oden defeating Ashura Doji forced the other Samurai to follow Oden. If Shutenmaru follows Luffy, we can assume the other Samurai will naturally follow suit. Let’s also bare in mind what Shutenmaru said, he said he lost his opportunity for a meaningful death probably for failing to protect Oden meaning we can expect Kawamatsu and Denjiro to hold similar sentiments.

Kinemon wanted this to be an infiltration mission since he doesn’t have 5,000 men to wage war. However, if Shutenmaru decides to follow Luffy, it’s reasonable to assume that Kinemon’s plan to gather allies of the Oden faction is no longer a problem, they will percolate towards Luffy naturally.

While Luffy’s actions seem foolish, in the scheme of things, it actually does accomplish the main objectives in realistic manner. In stead of Kinemon and co. telling these secret allies that Luffy is strong, they have evidence of this with Luffy’s actions here – rumours will spread too.

For Luffy to garner the belief of the Samurai, he needs to come out on top in this confrontation – he needs to look like a real symbol of hope, not a possible one. In that sense, Oda needs to represent Kaido in negative fashion for Luffy to come get this positive hue in his endeavour here. It’s also doubltful the actual battle happens here, but rather, just a drunken skirmish that will continue in 2 weeks.This is likely why Oda has Kaido drunk, to give Luffy this opportunity from a narrative perspective. Further explanation in the next main point.


We shouldn’t forget Oda said Marineford will look like child’s play compared to Wano meaning we should expect war, not an infiltration mission. WAR.

Kinemon’s Plan Benefits Kaido & Orochi Too

Remember Orochi, he has a visceral fear of the Oden faction. Even in this chapter, we’re reminded about Orochi’s fear of Oden meaning they need to wipe out all of the secret followers of Oden to make sure Wano remains under their control permanently and to quell Orochi’s worries and keep things in order.

2 weeks to go, Kinemon has made these cards to distribute all around Wano to various Samurai who still pledge allegiance to Oden; the Shogun and Kaido want to wipe out Oden’s faction once and for all; this plan works out well not only for the SH alliance, but for Kaido & Orochi, how?

·Rather than Kaido & Orochi going after the Straw Hats individually, why not allow them to come over to Onigashima Island as planned thinking they’ll be drunk?

·Instead of wasting resources on chasing the group for the next 2 weeks, they can play possum, station themselves on the Island with the Straw Hats thinking they’d indulging while they’re actually preparing to ambush the Straw Hats in their ambush?

·It seems like an apt plan as it not only gives Orochi the chance to rid himself of being haunted by Oden once and for all, it’s also a chance to get rid of the Straw Hats. It’s also more likely that the enemy will catch wind of the Straw Hats’ plans, things can’t go smoothly per se, so I feel Hawkins will play a role here. He seems to have the intelligence to have such insight as to how to approach this matter.

What’s Required for This to Happen?

For Luffy to win the confidence of the Samurai, Kaido has to ultimately look bad while he’s drunk. It’s because Kaido is drunk that Kaido looking bad can be justified. Luffy has to look good for the story to progress realistically from a narrative perspective. The idea that he will lose to Kaido here from a narrative stand-point cripples narrative progress, and this initial exchange will unlikely be a major battle, but a brief skirmish:

It would be like the Samurai having faith in Kid to lead them to victory while in prison.

While people have this awesome expectations of the Emperor, they’re all going down the same way, via combat. If anything, we should be preparing ourselves to be surprised at just how strong Luffy is already and how strong he’s going to become because we’re only going up-hill from here on wards.

Just my 2 cents on the arc as its progressing, thanks for reading.

*Theory by HPsyche

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