Queen the Plague’s Devil Fruit and Abilities


Queen the Plague is an All-Star of the Beasts Pirates and one of Kaido’s three right-hand men, the Disasters.


When looking at Queen, there are 3 things we notice:

– He is an Okama;

– He has the title “the Plague”;

– He seems to be working on some device.

Him being an Okama probably hints to some relationship to the Okama community. He might have had a past connection with Ivan as a student/mentor, lovers or rivals relationship. Because of this he likely has some mastery over Okama/Newkama Kenpo.


Now for his actual ability I think the biggest hint is both his titles in his case. “The Plague” and “Queen”.

This however can mean multiple things. Most people think about disease. While that might definitely play a role in some of his capabalities, I don’t think it solely defines his devil fruit.

Plague might also refer to an insect plague, causing famine. Locust are obviously the first insect that come to mind, however something struck me as I was thinking about insects. Queen is called “Queen”. I think that is an obvious reference to a special indiviual insect in a hive: the insect Queen. What queen that might be? An ant queen, bee queen or a termite queen? Those insects don’t cause famines.

However, notice the device that Queen was working on?


That might represent industrialism. Notice how the factories in Wano look like termite mounds? Queen might be in charge of all industry in Wano, with the slaves being his worker termites and the guards being his soldier termites.

This industrialism is what pollutes the surroundings, poisoning the flora and fauna and bringing disease and famine to Kuri. This might actually have earned him his title “the Plague”.

Thus my theory is that Queen has eaten the Elite Zoan-type Bug Bug fruit, Model: Termite Queen


Yep, that big thing is the Queen.

What I mean with “Elite/Royal Zoan-type” is that the model of Queen probably means a power up from lower ranks of the same bug. Of course this only applies to insects really, but we haven’t really seen many insect zoans.

I think this fruit allows him to create these giant termite mounds rapidly, and perhaps it allows him to mind control his Hive, or even others. Remember how he was in charge of breaking the wills of the prisoners like Kid and Luffy?

So ability wise he can:

– Utilize Okama/Newkama Kenpo efficiently;

– Create massive termite mounds;

– Probably spit acid;

– Mind control people.

*Theory by FaKamis

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