Chapter 925 marked the beginning of Wano’s second act. The chapter was among the most exciting in the whole of One Piece.


Seeing Blackbeard and his crew; seeing Gekko Moriah, who we haven’t seen in 8 long years; seeing Mihawk and of course this chapter also included the last two Calamities’ debut: King the Wildfire and Queen the Plague.


Among all the hype this chapter brought, it is easy to gloss over small details. In this theory we will be discussing some of those details.

In the chapter’s final page, after cutting back to Onigashima, we are introduced to King. Who is scolding Jack, telling him that Kuri region’s offerings have been low lately. This prompts King to ask Jack the following: “With Doflamingo gone… you do know where to go for our next trade deal, don’t you!?”


This tells us that the Beast Pirates have effectively replaced Doflamingo with someone who is not locked up in Impel Down, someone who is an established name in the Underworld. We believe that person to be none other than one of the 7 Warlords of the sea: Buggy the Clown.


The first piece of evidence that ties this theory together is the naming scheme of Kaido’s important crew members: King, Queen and Jack are all present, but Joker needs replacement. Who better to rise up and work under the name of Joker than than our very own jester Buggy The Clown? This is even further foreshadowed by Buggy’s new title of “The Genius Jester” that he gained after the timeskip as shown in chapter 803.

Delving deeper into the situation, we see that not only does Buggy fit the theme of Kaido’s Joker, he naturally also fills the role in a pragmatic sense. As we all know, Buggy has been keeping himself busy over the two year time skip. He has, as expected, abused and taken full advantage of his newly acquired title and power of Marine Warlord, by meddling in the depths of the underworld. In chapter 803, we see Buggy celebrating Doflamingo’s defeat with the rest of his crew. And rightly so! We find out that with Doflamingo being captured, Buggy’s Delivery Service has a monopoly on the underground war market.

This statement from Buggy refers to how everyone is coming to them to acquire mercenaries, since Doflamingo’s weapons trade has been compromised. However, we are sure that Kaido’s crew is not in need of extra man power, what they need is what Doflamingo was previously providing: weapons.

We believe that Buggy may have decided to fill the gap in the market left by Doflamingo’s fall, thus entering the weapons trade. We speculate that he would have made this transition because of the fact that his mercenary business was seemingly quite reliant on the Giants they had employed. And as we saw in 803, Hajrudin and the rest of the New Giant Warrior Pirates have left Buggy’s Delivery Service to join the Strawhat Grand-Fleet. Having taken such a big blow, Buggy will have realized that he should enter the arms trafficking business instead! They don’t call him The Genius Jester for nothing! His crew name of Buggy’s Delivery Service will also make more sense if they were delivering weapons instead of mercenaries. Could this also be more foreshadowing?

We can already hear you say something like “But isn’t Buggy a moron? He would never think that much ahead!” Contrary to what inattentive fans of One Piece may believe, Buggy is a smart guy. Over the course of the story we have seen him scheme and think ahead in many of his monologues, allowing him to find the success he enjoys today. An example of this behaviour is seen in a flashback, when Buggy tricks the Roger Pirates that he has eaten the Bara Bara no Mi, when in reality he devised a plan that would allow him to fake eating the devil fruit, to then sell it. Because of this sort of behaviour that has been seen multiple times in the story, we think that Buggy is very likely to enter the now more profitable weapons trade.

Buggy is amongst the most influential and powerful people in the underworld, meaning his connections alone could allow him to conjure up a more than decent weapons trade organization . However, we can further speculate that he will be assisted by another clown inspired character to provide Kaido with his desired weapons… That character being Caesar Clown! Caesar Clown was the only scientist was able to supply Doflamingo with S.A.D, which is an essential ingredient for manufacturing the artificial S.L.I.M.E devil fruits that were eventually bought and consumed by the Beast Pirates.

We haven’t seen the evil scientist since chapter 872, where he disappeared after getting his heart back. He presumably left Totto Land flying away using his devil fruit powers. So right now Caesar could be anywhere.

Considering how lucky Buggy is and how unlucky Caesar is, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that he ended up on Buggy’s territory and is now working for Buggy’s Delivery Service. This idea makes more sense when you consider the fact that Kaido’s crew primarily bought artificial devil fruits from Doflamingo, not conventional weaponry. This means that when King asks Jack if he knows where to go, he could be essentially saying: “you do know where to find Caesar, right?” This part of the theory is much more speculative than the rest but would definitely fit into the story nicely if it turns out to be true.

While on the topic of speculation, we know that the Warlord system is on thin ice. These discussions that are being had at Reverie have fallen upon Mihawk’s ears, as seen in 925.

Because of this, we assume that all the other current Warlords have been keeping up with the news too, including Buggy. Now accustomed to his lavish lifestyle, it would be wise to seek a Yonko’s protection. That is if he wants to maintain the way things are at the moment. We assume that Oda will be repurposing all of the current Warlords in some way, in order to keep these important characters relevant. This is already being done with Kuma and Mihawk is hinted to be leaving his home on Kuraigana, presumably to come to the New World. We believe that Buggy will be repurposed as detailed in this theory… as Kaido’s Joker!

Hope you all enjoyed this theory on Buggy becoming Kaido’s new Joker and weapons dealer! What did you think of the theory as a whole? Do you have any other ideas on who King may be referring to instead of Buggy? What do you think of Caesar’s possible involvement too?

*Theory by Buggys Delivery Service

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