King the Wildfire’s Devil Fruit and Abilities


King the Wildfire is an All-Star of the Beasts Pirates and one of Kaido’s three right-hand men, the Disasters.


When looking at this absolute unit and his title we notice five distinct features:

1- He has black feather wings;

2- He wears a suit resembling that of Impel Down;

3- He likes torture;

4- His title and the flame behind his head give away that he most likely is fire themed;

5- He is also a swordsman.

From the second and the third feature we can derive he probably has a connection to Impel Down. Maybe he has worked there in the past, perhaps he even was the head jailer at one point.What is important here is that Impel Down has this whole Dante’s Inferno and christian Hell theme to it.


His wings might be a reference to his time there as well, however I don’t think that is entirely the case. The black wings that Magellan and the other jailers wear are bat-like wings indicating those of a devil/demon. King’s wings are feathered and I think they play a key role in discovering what type of devil fruit he has.

Going from the assumption that King has a Zoan-type fruit and that his wings indicate what it is we can narrow down our options. What has black feathered wings and is an animal or perhaps a mythical being?

Now we also shouldn’t forget he has a fire theme going for him. This rules out any being that doesn’t make use of fire, like a raven, a crow or a pegasus.

Some might say he has an Ifrit fruit, but that doesnt have wings and doesn’t really go well the theme. Marco already has the phoenix fruit and western black dragons don’t have feathered wings so that leaves one option that both has black feathered wings AND a fire/hell theme:

King has the Mythical Zoan Angel Angel fruit, Model: Lucifer


Lucifer, the Fallen Angel King. Think about it. It goes very well with the whole Impel Down theme and both the fact that devil fruits are called devil fruits and that Sengoku has a similar religious themed fruit doesn’t rule it out of the realm of possiblities.


I haven’t talked about his sword yet, but I think it’s unrelated to his devil fruit ability. He is in Wano after all and probably received his sword there which is also very likely to be a renowned named sword.

So ability wise he can:

– Fly;

– Conjure scorching infernos;

– Fight with swords at a top level.

*Theory by FaKamis


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