Characters have to be active as either Pirates, Marines, Warlords or Revolutionaries. Sengoku, Garp and Rayleigh = Retired so they are not included.


2018 was Big Mom’s year at first but after Whole Cake Island and Reverie ended and Wano started it was Kaido’s year but honestly Shanks stole the no.1 Spot at the last second on the last chapter.

Position: Yonko
Bounty: Unknown


Here’s why Shanks is the Number 1. Let’s look at how the Yonkos have dealt with the Supernovas so far:

• Big Mom let Luffy beat 2 of her Commanders and get away and let Urouge beat another one of her Sweet Commanders;

• Kaido did good taking Eustass Kid and Luffy out and making them slaves and he has Scratchmen Apoo, Basil Hawkins and X-Drake working for him;

Here’s what Shanks did when a Supernova came looking for a fight:
He literally disarmed Eustass Kidd and was most likely resposible for the big scar on his face too. Shanks most likely left Kidd for dead or let him escape out of pity.
All we know now is that Shanks is more dangerous than we thought he was.

His presence itself was enough to stop Blackbeard who was determined to obliterate Marine HQ and was able to take back the bodies of Ace and Whitebeard from the marines who were determined to behead them as a sign of victory.

He was also responsible for stopping No.2 on this list Kaido in New World and arrive in Marineford to stop the war even though the details of what actually happened between Shanks and Kaido was never revealed.

He even met with the Gorosei alone during the Reverie when people like Ryokugyu, Fujitora, Kong and Garp were in Mary Geoise. At the time also Akainu, Kizaru and Sengoku were nearby in the new Marine HQ.

I believe that Shanks is The Most Dangerous Yonko.

Position: Yonko
Bounty: Unknown


Kaido and Shanks are head to head on this list in my opinion
First of all… THIS MAN.. I mean..THIS THING literally popped Luffy’s Gear 4th like it was a balloon with just one shot… WHILE HE WAS DRUNK!!
To top it off, he made Luffy work as a slave!

Kaido is the first one to threaten to kill Big Mom someone who takes out countries if they don’t pay her with Candy.

He has Supernovas working under him who in his opinion are playing “little pirate games”.

He boiled Kozuki Oden a Roger Pirate and Dyamo of Kuri in order to take over Wano.
Oh and he can turn into a Dragon which had fire breath and destroy a Mountain.. but
this not his most impressive feat! He is unkillable. Nothing so far has been able to kill Kaido.
He’s the “Strongest Creature in the World”.

Position: Yonko
Bounty: At least 500,000,000 Berries


Whole Cake Island is over and hats off to Big Mom she still reigned undefeated.
And she’s not done yet because the last time we saw her she was looking for a fight with the no.2 on this list Kaido.
When Kaido threatened to kill her she responded with just go ahead and try.
She has no physical weakness as like Kaido, nothing can penetrate her skin.

Position: Marine Fleet Admiral

Alright here’s why Akainu is above Blackbeard after the Marineford War. Teach negotiated with the Marines to trade Jewelry Bonney for a warship but ran away after he saw Akainu.
Akainu went alone while Blackbeard had Shiliew and the Impel down Lvl6 escapees who are extremely dangerous pirates according to Sengoku. Yet they ran away.

Akainu is the definition of Unkillable Monster alongside Kaido. Whitebeard strongest attack couldn’t keep him down, he came up and then managed to injure Jinbe and take on all the Whitebeard Commanders by himself.
Before that he didn’t hesitate to go against Whitebeard and heavily injured Whitebeard to a point where even Whitebeard knew that he was gonna die from the damage dealt by Akainu.

He is currently the Fleet Admiral of the navy meaning we won’t see him in action in the near future but if there is gonna be an all out war between the World Government and Wano we might just see Akainu walk into another war.

Position: Yonko
Bounty: 2,247,600,000 Berries

Teach does possess the power to be the no.1 on this list but he lacks durability.
The people above like Akainu, Big Mom and Kaido are the most durable people to date because it’s almost impossible to injure them unlike Teach who has taken a lot of damage on multiple occasions such as from both Magellan and Luffy in Impel Down and was damaged by a dying Whitebeard and later injured by Sengoku after he gained the Gura Gura No Mi and finally by Jewelry Bonney after he managed to capture her and her crew.
In other words he has the power level at the same range as Kaido and Big Mom but his durability is not even close to them.

Position: Former Marine Admiral
Bounty: Unknown

Kuzan is number 6 on this list, here’s why: let’s take a look back at Marineford, Akainu wasn’t heavily injured even after all those attacks from enraged Whitebeard.
Now look at Akainu after his battle with Kuzan. The scars go from his shoulder to his face, Kuzan managed to fight his elemental weakness for over 10 days something which Ace was unable to do against Akainu. Even Doflamingo refused to fight Kuzan.

Position: Shichibukai
Bounty: Unknown

Mihawk is the Greatest Swordsman give him some respect.
He can outclass anyone in a duel, this clearly means that he can outclass Yonko Commanders who weild swords such as Smoothie, Cracker, King and Shiliew. This also means that he can go head to head with swordsmen like Admiral Fujitora, Silvers Rayleigh, Shanks and Kurozumi Orochi.

Position: Marine Admiral

Doflamingo called him a true beast and at the end of Dressrosa we were convinced. Luffy would be captured if he didn’t let him go.
He’s also one of the most skilled sowrdsmen we’ve seen in the series being able to take on swordmen like Zoro and Trafalgar Law being able to deal with them with ease.

Position: Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army
Bounty : 603,000,000 Berries

Sabo is the youngest person on this list being only 22. He was able to beat Vice Admiral Bastille and Blackbeard’s right hand Jesus Burgess with ease and was able to go head to head with Fujitora!
According to Blackbeard, Sabo and the Revolutionary Commanders battled Fujitora and Ryokugyu to rescue Kuma.

Position: Marine Admiral , Marine

I’m gonna bet Kizaru will lose his Top 10 spot to Ryokugyu, Orochi or King the Wildfire somewhere in the Wano Arc.
But for now he’s still the 10 and we don’t know if he’s ever serious or not .Kizaru was stopped by Rayleigh and Benn Beckman and even damaged by Marco the Phoenix but he later has beaten Marco and was able to injure Whitebeard and effortlessly take out almost all the Supernovas pre timeskip.We haven’t see him do anything since Marineford Arc but we can’t deny that he’s really strong.
He was also confident enough to go to Wano but was stopped by Fleet Admiral Akainu.

*List by King of beasts kaido

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