Luffy, Katakuri, Kid & Law vs Kaido


As we know Big Mom is coming to Wano, and intends to work with Kaido for ‘old times sake’.


People often suggest that Linlin and Kaido were crewmates on the Rocks pirates crew, the legendary crew which terrorized the Marines/ World Government, which was over 40 years ago. I heavily support this theory, for the main point of the plot.


“What do you mean this helps the plot? How?”

-It plays out the recurring theme of the Dawn, in the sense that two youngsters like Luffy and Kid can ‘surpass’ Big Mom and Kaido, by somehow beating a handicapped Kaido ‘as a pirate’. Doing as such would mean also defeating the ‘Lurking Legend’. How that aspect is done, I don’t know.


-Luffy’s ability to make allies as stated by Mihawk in Marineford. The allies he makes to have him help defeat Kaidou will be crucial to his strength and growth as a character.


So my theory is simple:

What if Big Mom’s hunger pains become a problem for Kaido when they team up?

-Surely Big Mom fighting Kaido would at least injure him, which would decrease the ridiculous gap between Kaido and Luffy, Kidd, Law, etc.

-It would allow for Big Mom to be taken down this arc, partially by Kaido, as she was too big of an opponent to be taken down in the Whole Cake Island arc.

-Kaido being hurt/ injured somehow by a hunger tranced Big Mom and ganged up on by a bunch of little ‘brats’, as he said himself.

If Big Mom is defeated by Kaidou, her direct family is at danger in that moment. Katakuri loves his family, and he admires Luffy. He joins the fray.

From there, the fight is, Luffy, Law, Kid and Katakuri. I know for sure the Straw Hat Grand Fleet will be involved somehow, the fleet is 5,000 strong, enough for Kin’emon to lead a revolution against Orochi, and are foreshadowed to be involved in a major incident. What that is, I don’t know, but it could be related in their assistance in taking down Kaidou.

*Theory by fruitgodder

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