Roger Pirates coming back to avenge Oden? Red Hair Pirates showing up in Wano?


Wano arc is about to get its climax right now and according to Oda the upcoming battle will be extremely huge that will make Marineford look “cute”.


Here’s one of the reasons why:
“Red Haired” SHANKS
Why did he meet the Gorosei?


As a former member of the Roger Pirates, captain of the Red Hair Pirates, and one of the Yonko in the New World, “Red Haired” Shanks is known to be one of the four strongest pirates in the world. Why did he meet the Gorosei?
His words were “I want to talk about a certain Pirate”
It’s Kaido without a doubt.
So let’s start with the theory.


The mystery man who’s drinking with Crocus was the man in Kinemon’s Flashback but he didn’t travel 20 years forward in time, he stayed behind with Kozuki Toki.


In the meantime Toki is dead and we found out that her daughter Kozuki Hiyori’s current status and location are unknown. Momonosuke stated that if Orochi finds out that she is alive she’d be in danger. That would mean the mystery man saved her because he was the only other person who was there that didn’t go forward in time.

Why did he meet Crocus now?
To deliver the news of Oden’s death.
Why did he wait?
Because Roger Pirates will take revenge on Kaido and Wano.
If That Happens, why after 20 years?
He was instructed to wait 20 years until everyone comes back, then tell the need to the Roger Pirates.
He managed to locate Corocus because he was the only one who returned to the place that everyone knew while Silvers Rayleigh and Scopper Gaban disappeared and went into hiding.

Current Situation:

Shanks, Crocus and Rayleigh found out about Oden’s execution. That’s why Shanks went to the Gorosei.


If they randomly return the World Government will not allow this to happen but if Shanks managed to come to an agreement with them to allow the Roger Pirates to return in order to take out Kaido, it would mean there’ll be 2 Major Pirate Returns:


Yes the Vice Captian of the Roger Pirates “Dark King” Silvers Rayleigh could lead the Roger Pirates in Wano!
Would he come out of retirement?
When Rayleigh met Luffy in Sabaody he expressed his desire to meet his crew mates again

“He was our Nakama.. at this age I still want to see him again
If Rayleigh learns that his Nakama Kozuki Oden was executed in cold blood he would definitely come back with the intention to raise hell in Wano and kill Kaido.
I believe that he could be looking for the remaining Roger Pirates for a Fight in Wano.


Unlike Rayleigh, Scopper was only seen in Episode 0 that was 22+ years ago but if the mystery man in the hat or Shanks or Rayleigh manges to find Scopper Gaban he could finally debut in Wano!

Red Haired Pirates?​

YES we will finally get to see “First Mate” BENN BECKMAN

During the Battle of Marineford, Admiral Kizaru chose not to fight him, even though he had just fought the First Commander of Whitebeard’s crew and Whitebeard himself. We might finally get to see him in Wano.

“Chaser” YASSOP

Yasopp is noted to be a tremendously skilled marksman, capable of shooting the antennae off of an ant at one hundred feet away without harming the rest of it. Luffy also stated that he had never seen him miss a shot.
The long awaited Yassop meeting Ussop could also happen in Wano


He’s pretty much the only Red Haired Pirate we’ve seen randomly kill someone and he didn’t even see it coming.
His abilities are unknown but we might finally get to see them in Wano.​

Will The Gorosei accept Shanks’ proposal?

Chapter 929 proved that the World Government is no match for Wano.
They now are forced to handover Dr. Vegapunk, this means they are desperate to find a way to take out Orochi and Kaido. So they could consider to accept Shanks’ offer.
This also puts Shanks in a position to negotiate:
• Take down the wanted posters of the Roger Pirates
Rayleigh told Admiral Kizaru that he could peacefully retire if the World Government were to take down his wanted poster.
• Wano to be handed over to the Kozuki Family?
Wano is a self sufficient country like Elbalf. That means they don’t need to be allied with the World Government but the WG might try to takeover Wano. Anyway Shanks could also demand that they allow the Kozuki Family to rule Wano and let them choose whether or not to ally with the World Government.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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