Nico Olvia and Saul Are Alive?

A lot of people think that Saul died because he was frozen solid, but we know that isn’t necessarily true.

Aokiji has frozen several people throughout the story, and yet not a single one of them were killed by it.

With the exception of Jozu losing his right arm, nobody in any of these cases sustained so much as a minor injury, let alone actually dying (yes, even the den den mushi survived). They either broke out instantly (Whitebeard & Doflamingo) or they were thawed out before any harm was done.

Not only that, but Aokiji specifically used a move called “Ice Time Capsule” when he froze Saul.

​For those of you that don’t know, the concept of a time capsule is to bury something for preservation until it is rediscovered in the future. The fact that Oda decided to use this name for Aokiji’s technique leads me to believe that it was intentionally foreshadowing Saul’s significance in the future of the story.

So what could have thawed him out? I dunno, maybe the fires that were conveniently raging throughout the island……

As for Olvia and the rest of the scholars….
Despite the fact that the purpose of the Buster Call was specifically to eliminate them, we didn’t see a single one of them die.Even Professor Clover, who was shot in the chest, is last seen throwing books into the lake alongside the rest of the scholars. Here is the last panel we see of them:

The next day, a group of Marines was sent to Ohara to check for survivors.

​While searching the island, the one thing that would’ve confirmed the deaths of the scholars is conspicuously absent: dead bodies. It is very apparent in the manga (and even more obvious in the anime) that there were no corpses, skeletons, or any sort of remains to be seen anywhere. The only thing they found were the books in the lake, which brings me to my next point:

​There were only books in the lake. Somehow, none of the burning debris fell in there (which make absolutely no sense since the tree was right next to it). Wouldn’t that theoretically make the lake a safe spot? The scholars could have easily jumped into the lake after saving as many books as possible. At the very least, it seems more logical than just sitting there waiting to be burned alive. Even if this is a possibility, it’s too far-reaching and still wouldn’t explain how they were able to escape the island. That’s where our favorite Revolutionary Army Leader comes in:

This may seem like a bold claim, but I think there are more than enough hints to reasonably hypothesize that Monkey D. Dragon actually saved and recruited the scholars of Ohara.

The Formation of the Revolutionary Army

In the Vivre Card Databook Volume 3, Oda gives us some hints about how the revolutionary army was created.

​The first 2 bullet points give us a lot of clues. By combining them, we can conclude that someone or something back 19-24 years ago made him aware of how inhumane the Government truly is and directly led to him founding the Revolutionary Army. If it was someone, It would be a conversation we don’t know about yet, like perhaps Roger or Rayleigh telling him the truth behind the void century. If it was something, then it was most likely a specific event he witnessed that displayed the government’s cruelty.​
​Among all the events that happened around that time, there are plenty of possible things that could be considered, for example:

  • The Tragedy of Flevance, in which the government essentially killed a nation out of greed ~16 years ago
  • Fisher Tiger’s raid on Mariejois to free the slaves ~16 years ago
  • Lucci killing 500 marine hostages despite being on their side ~17 years

But all of these events are just barely after Luffy was born, which disqualifies them from being the reason Dragon created the Revolutionary Army. The only event (that we know of) that took place between Roger’s death and Luffy’s birth that displayed the Government’s cruelty is none other than the Tragedy of Ohara. It was an event that took place 22 years ago in which an entire island was destroyed at the orders of the Gorosei. It perfectly fits the description given in the Vivrecard Databook.

Of course it could be an event we just haven’t seen, but I’m speculating based on what we know.

Striking Similarities To The Burning Of Grey Terminal

Remember how I mentioned the lack of corpses on Ohara? Well coincidentally, Grey Terminal had the same problem:

​Obviously, we know there were fewer corpses than expected here because Dragon was shown saving several of the victims. Despite this, Grey Terminal still had some corpses. Based on this logic, if the Oharan scholars burned to death, there should have been corpses there as well. (This is actually consistent with real-world chemistry, as human bones don’t disintegrate or melt even if exposed to a fire for a prolonged period of time.)

It’s not only the lack of corpses. The incidents themselves are very similar.

  • In both incidents, a town is burned to the ground in order to protect the interests of the Celestial Dragons. (Grey Terminal for St. Jalmack & Ohara for the Gorosei)
  • Innocent people were killed, but it was “rationalized” by the opposition.
  • When it seems like there is no chance of escaping from the fire, everyone gives up hope. Soon after, Dragon appears and saves them. (Of course, this part is still unconfirmed at this point.)
  • A group is sent to investigate the wreckage the day after, and there are fewer corpses than there should be.
  • A child that was presumed dead turned out to be alive. (Sabo and Robin)
  • There were some very strong similarities in how the scenery was drawn in some instances.

Every detail from the perspective it is drawn from to the direction of the flames are very similar.

Also, when Dragon made a path for the Grey Terminal survivors to escape, it made a U-shape:

Coincidentally, there was an unnatural looking U-shaped hole in the base of the tree on Ohara. Could this have also been foreshadowing?

It could end up just being a random coincidence, but I felt like it was at least worth pointing out.

Rationalizing Dragon’s Title as “The World’s Most Wanted Criminal”

(I’m assuming this implies that he has a ridiculously high bounty, most likely the highest in the entire series.)
​Dragon having one of the highest bounties in the world is due to several different factors, but it still doesn’t add up. If it was simply for being powerhouse aiming to take down the World Government, then Sabo’s bounty should definitely be higher than 602,000,000 berries, being the second in command. Even Fisher Tiger directly attacked Mariejois and freed slaves and still only had a 230,000,000 berry bounty. 

So what makes him deserving of such a high bounty? He wasn’t even deemed a threat until a few years ago. I believe he must have done something much more egregious to be given this title. If the government recently found out that he saved several archeologists that were studying the poneglyphs, his bounty would’ve skyrocketed. To put it in perspective: an 8-year old girl who just recently learned how to read to poneglyphs was given a 79,000,000 berry bounty.The Oharan scholars were not only much more adept than Robin, but they also were led by presumably the greatest archeologist in the world, Professor Clover. On top of that, they have already correctly deduced a significant amount of information pertaining to the Void Century. If the government found out that Dragon not only secretly rescued them but is harboring them as well? That, in addition to being a powerhouse that directly opposes the World Government, would justify his status as the world’s most wanted criminal.

Although this is kind of minor, it would also explain why Akainu seems to have such a strong disdain towards Dragon. If we look back at the Buster Call, he was the one who made extra sacrifices in the hopes of ensuring the deaths of any scholars.

​Despite his methods being ruthless, his genuine goal was to eliminate the scholars. If he ever found out that his efforts were completely thwarted by Dragon rescuing all of them, it makes sense for Akainu to have some sort of resentment towards him.

Possible Future Plot Points
​We already know that the Revolutionary Army is going to be very relevant in the near future since they are invading Mariejois. We have been given (pretty obvious) clues about them being there.

I also think there is a chance we may have actually seen Olvia at the Reverie as well.

Olvia (Chapter 823, when various leaders are shown traveling to Mariejois)

Olvia (Episode 777, the same panel as above but with the official color scheme from the anime)

Olvia (Chapter 908, with sunglasses removed)

*Theory by Su Long Bepo

Written by Gus


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