How Oda crafted Sanji and Zoro’s Adventures through Wano in parallel

I love how Oda crafted Sanji and Zoro’s adventures through Wano in parallel before their eventual reunion. It seems like the entirety of Wano Act 2 was building towards this.

-Both are the only members of the alliance to have their aliases revealed. It was even revealed the same way: by being accused of committing a crime – Zoro was framed so he killed the magistrate, Sanji was accused of driving business away from the Kyoshiro family, so he attacked them once they’d confronted him.

-Both had a small, relatively easy battle which resulted in them defeating their opponents – Zoro vs Kamazou and Sanji vs Page One

-Both had hints of their next power ups showcased – Sanji’s raid suit and Zoro’s black blades

-Each were seen getting angry at Orochi specifically – Zoro because Orochi was making fun of Yasu’s honor; Sanji because Orochi used the citizens of Ebisu Town’s hunger against them by knowingly feeding them the SMILE fruits. Both are now standing in Orochi’s way due to O-Toko’s involvement.

-Each have something that will piss the other one off – Sanji has a higher bounty while Zoro has Hiyori/Komurasaki fawning over him.

I don’t know what it’s building too but I’m excited to see what Oda has planned. Whatever happens, no doubt it’ll happen to the both of them since Oda seems to be linking their journey. I will say though, as hyped as I am to see these two go all out, both are exceedingly angry right now. I fear because they haven’t seen each other in a long time, they’re going to turn that anger towards one another as they bicker and make the situation even worst for themselves.

*by Therrester

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