Can’t Law just “Steal” powerful Devil Fruits?

In Chapter 945 Hawkins intercepts Law trying to rescue his crewmates from the Rasetsu prison, and reveals that the damage he takes will transfer to Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin. All of this got me thinking.

Do you remember how Trafalgar Law can switch people’s minds/hearts/personalities?

During Punk Hazard, two Devil Fruit users lost their bodies to someone else: Chopper and Smoker. And while Franky and Tashigi had those bodies, they also had the ability to use the devil fruit powers.

Even when they were outside Law’s Room, they didn’t switch back, so it would last as long as Law wants it to, right?

Why not just have Law switch his weak crewmate’s personality with a strong Devil Fruit User’s? He hit Smoker and Sanji with it, so it shouldn’t be TOO much of a “The enemy is too strong so it wouldn’t work” problem.

In this way, Law’s crewmate would get a body with a powerful Devil Fruit, and the enemy would get a weak body the crew can easily dispatch.

*Theory by Briaria

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