How Old Is Jewelry Bonney?

What we saw in Chapter 908/Episode 888 is telling us that Jewelry Bonnie is an actual queen?

We meet “Connie”, queen of the Sorbet Kingdom and it turns out to be Jewelry Bonney using her devil fruit to infiltrate the Reverie.

We know that she can shift her age as she pleases but I guess I never thought about how that can effect who she actually is during whatever age she chooses to be. The guard referred to her as Queen Connie and to me that shows that the Queen isn’t a made up character she was using to disguise herself with, but she’s actually the Queen of the Sorbet Kingdom. Otherwise the guard would not have recognized her and addressed her as such.

So I think that Bonney is not a child like most people think but she’s actually REALLY old. Old enough to maybe be the actual Queen of a kingdom. The only discrepancy I have is how she can both rule a kingdom and be a known pirate but we actual don’t see her much to know how she spends her free time. Otherwise to me right now it seems that she ate her devil fruit at a old age and gained her powers when she was older rather than younger. Seeing Bonney and her reaction to Kuma(the former King of the Sorbet Kingdom) further confirms her involvement in the Sorbet Kingdom.

*Theory by ChibiThot

Written by Gus


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