Zoro & Sanji vs King & Queen foreshadowed?

After reading some threads of who is stronger between Sanji and Zoro, I remembered Little Garden where they both hunted dinosaurs to bring back the biggest and see who is the best.

More then 800 chapters later we arrived in Wano and guess what…there are dinosaurs.

Well they are humans with zoan devil fruit powers. So far it seems Sanji already beat one (Page One) and is now fighting X Drake.

Anyway the 2 strongest are King and Queen, as we found in latest chapter that Queen is a Brachiosaurus.

Both are Kaido’s strongest Disasters, just as Zoro and Sanji are Luffy’s strongest crewmates. My guess is that Zoro and Sanji will fight against them. Sanji vs King and Zoro vs Queen maybe. Why not Sanji vs Queen? Well, King is a flying dinosaur and Sanji can fly, Zoro can’t. And a queen is feminine and Sanji doesn’t fight women. And last, King and Sanji both seem to be using fire.

*Theory by flappy

Written by Gus


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  1. Guess what? Sanji and Zoro vs King and Queen has been a popular theory for years, ever since Jack was introduced. And Zoro is clearly stronger than Sanji. We already got confirmation about this when Zoro beat Kaku whose power level was 2200 before eating the devil fruit while Sanji beat Djabra whose power level was 2180 and when Zoro fought Mr. 1 while Aanji fought Mr. 2. So it’s crystal clear that Zoro is stronger. And out of King and Queen, King is obviously stronger since the ranks are based on poker cards where King is better than Queen. So Zoro should obviously fight King and Sanji Queen. Here is some extra evidence about it.
    1. King uses a sword.
    2. Zoro was interested in cutting fire.
    3. Queen isn’t femenine, he is an okama. And Sanji hates okamas.
    4. Sanji and Queen both use technology.
    So I’m sorry to say this but this article is shit.

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