What do Luffy, Blackbeard and Shirahoshi have in common?!

Recently we have seen Im-sama heads out the Room of Flowers, leaving behind the torn-up bounty posters of Luffy and Blackbeard as well as a picture of Shirahoshi with a sword plunged into it.

This leads me to think what these characters may have in common. My thinking is that since we know that Shirahoshi is Poseidon and Luffy is the only person in the story who technically has the blueprints to Neptune albeit from Franky, then Blackbeard must have the Ancient Weapon Uranus.

Which would make sense for the World Nobles and Im to want them killed as they possess a serious threat and for what they are trying to achieve. It is also mentioned that Blackbeard’s body isn’t normal or rather not human which may be why he is able to obtain these different devil fruits that could be the power of Uranus.

Although I’m still confused on why Vivi picture was untouched or cut in the same chapter which may be due to her knowing something about National Treasure which is why they must keep her alive.

*Theory by DetectiveGaimon

Written by Gus


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