X-Drake’s Secret Plan of Pirate Alliance

In the Flower Capital, Law has been captured and Hawkins seems eager to get to work.

However, X Drake is apparently acting strangely.
Hawkins questions Drake on what hewas thinking about. Drake dismisses it, but why?

This might be due to Drake having plans regarding Law and Luffy, something that Oda already mentioned in the Vivre Cards, stating that Drake had a particular interest in their alliance. This could suggest he’s already been planning to team up with them in future.

Moreover, Drake is probably greatful for Joker’s defeat.

Not farfetched to believe he did bare a grudge for Joker killing his father. He never seemed to hate his father, at least we don’t know that for sure, but he may feel indebted to Luffy and Law. Perhaps, X Drake will repay a debt if he is greatful about Joker’s takedown. Again, I think it’s likely he will be the link between Wano and the Navy.

Written by Gus


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