Basil Hawkins’ Fate in Wano

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Basil Hawkins during Wano Arc. He’s a great strategist, he’s really strong and has a powerful Devil Fruit.

He also has great skill in swordsmanship supplemented with his Wara Wara no Mi powers.

A testament to his strength is the fact that he was able to injure Zoro, a person who barely got himself injured after his timeskip training, a feat only a few were able to do.

Hawkins can use tarot cards to apparently assist him in determining the outcome of any event, as well as the likelihood of his own success. This proves to be very helpful in many situations, as it allows him to determine the outcome of a battle and act accordingly.
His cards allow him to work out to a percentage of the chances of something happening.

I believe Hawkins character is supposed to be someone who takes very little risks. He only does what he believes will be the best outcome for himself and this is why he takes so few risks. In my opinion this will be his downfall.

I think Oda is trying to convey the importance of risk taking to achieve one’s dream. If you always take the safe route you may end up losing that dream and doing things that you may not actually like. We don’t know what Hawkin’s ultimate goal is but it will most likely not happen with the Beasts Pirates. He is with them because there was such a small chance to do anything against Kaido not to further himself.

Luffy is the exact opposite. He would rather take the biggest risk possible. Big risks equals big rewards when they pay off. Luffy has gotten in some bad situations from this but the payoff usually makes it worth it by getting stronger and closer to his dream of being Pirate King at every step.

*Theory by Rijarto

Written by Gus


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