A theory covering a potential secret form of Haki occasionally shown in the series.

Haki in One Piece was only revealed by the timeskip, halfway through the series. Until then it was an unexplained ability that some characters appeared to have. Once revealed, Haki was mentioned to have three main forms: Armament HakiObservation Haki and Conqueror’s Haki.

In this same way I think that it is possible that another form of Haki could exist without anyone knowing. That form of Haki I believe has to do with the fire abilities that some characters display.
First of all we have Sanji who for some reason can produce fire out of nowhere and he can produce it anywhere, even underwater. Initially it seemed like this came from the friction from his spins, but by the timeskip it started to appear different. His fire seemed to appear from his passion. Similar to how Haki comes from your willpower or spirit.

Luffy as well has used fire in the from of his Red Hawk. This fire might have something to do with Gear 2nd, but that is a little unlikely.

Finally, we have one more obscure instance, but it is still relevant. Zoro, when he was fighting Ryuma, managed to catch Ryuma on fire with his swords. The flame came out of nowhere and ended up finishing off Ryuma because zombies can’t be defeated through normal means.

If this fire abilities were a form of Haki, then the Monster Trio would all still have it, even Zoro to an extent. Obviously, Sanji would specialise in it, but I think that would help balance things out more.

The nature of this ability seems to be passion related. Luffy’s Red Hawk is in memory of Ace and sparks his passion. Sanji is a passionate cook, his fire comes naturally and is increased when he gets more passionate. Zoro’s dream is to become the number one Swordsman and while fighting Ryuma for his new sword, he became passionate.

I must also add that Kinemon can use fire attacks as well and Zoro seems like he would desire to learn that too, so in Wano, maybe, Kinemon could reveal how to use his fire technique and that it is a form of Haki.

*Theory by Ma_D._Monk

Written by Gus


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  1. This is a really good theory and think about this. If fire is a type of haki originating from someone’s strong spirit or will and Sabo being able to command it at anytime, if he was in a position where he had to use a strong spirit to overcome whatever he was facing, do you think his flames from the Mera Mera no mi would be even more powerful??

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