Kaido vs Big Mom – Clash of the Yonko in Wano!

On Onigashima, the Beasts Pirates race to make sweets for Big Mom, and frantically rush back and forth as she eats them at a fast rate.

King, Queen, and Jack watch her during this, and Queen expresses his anger at King for his lack of thoroughness in attacking the Big Mom Pirates outside Wano. Jack in turn wonders why Queen brought her here, and Queen justifies this by revealing the communications in Udon were cut off.

Big Mom then tells King that she will forgive him for attacking her if he joins her crew, as there are three races currently missing from Totto Land’s population and he is a member of one of them. King refuses, and Big Mom asks for her chains to be removed, which Queen angrily rejects.

However, Kaido then arrives and orders for Big Mom to be released as he faces his former crewmate for the first time in many years. Kaido’s subordinates try to find a way out of his command, but he affirms what he said and they remove Big Mom’s chains.

Big Mom then activates Napoleon’s sword form as Napoleon refamiliarizes itself with her, and she and Kaido engage in a clash so powerful it splits the heavens above the island.

Everyone else is left in complete shock in terror, with many of them believing they need to flee Onigashima.

This is the second time that two Yonko are shown to clash and cause the sky to split. It just shows how incredibly powerful are the Four Emperors!

Written by Gus


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