One Piece Editor has just revealed that it’s not possible to end the series in 5 years!

Regarding what Oda recently said about wanting to end One Piece in 5 years, Naito, who is the former manga editor and the current media editor of One Piece, said: “Why did everyone believe it, it’s not possible to end it in 5 years.”

Here’s the full translation on what he said in that part of the video:

“A while ago, Oda-sensei appeared in a certain youtube video and said something about OP ending in 5 years.”

Naito: “Yeah, and I thought to myself why did everyone believe that? There’s no way. Well, it’s not that we want to drag anything, the stories ahead are just that dense, we still have so much to do, to finish all of them in 5 years…
Right now we’re at around Act 2 of Wano country arc, which means from here on we’re getting closer to the core of the series, and this arc is very important for that reason.”

Right now we have:

  • Wano, that should take a year or 2 to finish.
  • Elbaf, that has been build up since Little Garden, and should be the end of Big Mom story, since it’s where we will learn more about what really happened back then, as well as making Hajrudin the king of Giants.
  • Vegapunk, where we should learn a lot about Lineage factor, and get information on Devil Fruits, probably opening the road for Awakening for our crew.
  • Finding the last Road Poneglyph, and maybe even a few more of the story poneglyph needed for the Rio Poneglyph. Maybe we will even see the Emerald City.
  • An arc focused on Shanks and Blackbeard (could be linked with the previous point)
  • The Rocks.
  • Raftel.
  • The Final War against the World Government and Marines, where the Revolutionary Army and all of Luffy’s allies will help.

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  1. I completely agree if the outline of the story like that, it might be akin to spoiler but, it’s true impossible to end one piece in five years. Even if it’s possible it would waste all of Oda time to push one piece story this far with forced ending and how he develop every important characters.

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