Is Fairy Tail inspired by One Piece?

It’s quite common for manga writers to get inspiration from other authors’ work and share some qualities. This seems to be the case of Fairy Tail which shares a LOT of similarities with One Piece.

For example both Gildarts and Shanks play similar roles in their respective shows. Both men are basically non-biological fathers to the main character and act as mentors and role models. Both men are now primarily absent from the protagonist’s life. And they look the same.
As shown in the following pictures, there are so many similar scenes/character designs between One Piece and Fairy Tail:

Written by Gus


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  1. This is a stupid article, you guys do know that both mangaka shared the same sensei therefore they shares same concepts, both Oda Eichiro (One Piece) and Mashima Hiro (Fairy Tail) along with Hiroyuki Takei (Shaman King) grew and learnt their drawing skills from Nobuhiro Watsuki (Samurai X), that’s why they shares some similarities

  2. While these scenes seem similar you can say the same between many soul eater and bleach moments. Final fantasy has characters like Prompto and Noctis who resemble Naruto and Sasuke.

    • Is that all the argument you could cooked up, Fairyshit fanboy? How about debunking the other images up there that’s way too similar?

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