Mindblowing Connection between Laugh Tale, the Clan of D. and Joy Boy

So far we have called Raftel the island at the end of the New World which supposedly holds the treasure One Piece.

Anyway in ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE it’s revealed that Raftel is not its name! The actual canon name of the island, the official romanization, is actually Laugh Tale… the island of tales of those who laughed.

This change caught all the fans off guard. Right now fans are trying to give an explanation for the new name of Raftel:

-Raftel is now Laugh Tale, and it was (allegedly) the Kingdom of the D. People, who always die smiling.
Probably they were the original users of the Devil Fruit powers as we know them.

-Then we’ve got the Devil Fruits’ rip-offs, called SMILEs, whose side effects include non-stop, uncontrollable laughing… SMILEs were manufactured by Doflamingo (Joker).

-Joker knows the secret of Mary Geoise.

-On the Fishman Island we find an apology on a Poneglyph of a member of the Ancient Kingdom, who calls himself Joy Boy.

During the Void Century, a man from the surface, by the name of Joy Boy, made a promise with the island to use the power of the legendary Mermaid Princess, the ability to summon and control Sea Kings, to accomplish a certain task that involves the great ark, Noah. Joy Boy failed to keep his end of the promise, so he left an apology on a Poneglyph in the Sea Forest, along with his legacy that someone in the future will complete the promise.

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