Oda’s Editor confirms that One Piece is going to end in 5 years!

In a recent Oricon interview, Oda’s media editor Naito talked about a lot of interesting stuff regarding the series’s future.

Back in September Naito said that we should not believe that Oda will end One Piece in 5 years.
Now it seems like he changed his mind. He stated that “if Oda-san asserts that it will end in 5 years, then I believe it’ll end in exactly 5 years. Looking at the current speed of development in Wano, it does seem like the series is moving at a pace that actually can be finished in 5 years.”

Naito also said that Wano is one of the final arc of One Piece, and that the adventures of the Straw Hats in Wano are closely linked to Roger’s. Furthermore, he mentions that Wano will learn us more about the true nature of the One Piece.

We finally learn that Raftel is not only the place where remains Roger’s treasure, it is now more than that.
And it was Oda’s decision to reveal its true name, Laugh Tale, during “One Piece: Stampede”.

Oda’s editor encourages fans to read the Wano arc starting from Vol. 91 to 94, even to fans that aren’t fully caught up. He encourages those that have fallen out of touch or stopped reading at some point to start reading again, to even skip what happened so far and to just start at volume 91 if necessary. He also briefly pressures fans to read manga chapters as soon as possible, in order to avoid spoilers. He claims that if someone is not caught up to the manga, it’s so easy to get spoiled by social media these days, so he personally recommends to read them as soon as they’re out.

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