Kozuki Toki comes from the Void Century!

In chapter 964 we finally see how Oden met Toki!

First, I don’t think that Toki is from Wano, at least not as we know it now. Therefore, I will differentiate between Wano (the current island) and people of Wano. Oden was clear in saying that Toki’s clothes were not exotic, which makes me think that they belong to the same group of people.

But then Toki says that she dreams of getting to Wano.

Supposing she is indeed from Wano, why was she outside of the island? But more importantly, why does she dream of getting there? A possible explanation is that during the Void Century, the people of Wano traveled around the world and she just wants to get back. But I believe that the people of Wano lived somewhere else before going to their current island.

Both Toki and Oden have clan names related to the moon, and the minks (which are closely related with them) get powers from it. Of course, everyone remembers Enel cover story. We know that the Shandians and the Skypeans are originally from the moon, and they were also related with the Kozuki clan as they were guarding a Poneglyph. I’m not sure where I’m going with this but it’s clear that the Ancient Kingdom and the moon are very closely related.

In conclusion, I believe the people of Wano were allies or part of the Ancient Kingdom, and after the Void Century they were prosecuted or went hiding into the current Wano and closed themselves from the outside world. Toki traveled into the future and is trying to reunite with her people.

This finally brings us to the current island of Wano. As many have theorized, it was probably created by the Oars race (continent pullers) by bringing several islands together. Moreover, it seems to be located on an inner ocean inside another bigger island. I believe that the whole thing is artificial and opening its borders might mean more than just allowing migration. Could it be Pluton? Iceburg was trying to keep Water Seven floating, maybe he was inspired by it?

*Theory by guipabi

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