Roger gave his Straw Hat to Shanks much earlier than we thought!

In chapter 964 Shanks and Buggy are shown to have been members of the Roger Pirates since a very young age(around 9-10 years old), which begs the questions of how did they join Roger Pirates:

  1. Just like Inuarashi & Nekomamushi, they started their adventure very young and Roger simply helped them;
  2. Their parents abandoned them or they were orphans and Roger found them;
  3. Important father who died and left one of them (or both if they are brothers) in the care of Roger;
  4. Roger liked them (just like Shanks liked young Luffy) and he let them join.

And let’s not forget that this confirms that Shanks was given Roger’s Straw Hat at a very young, which suggests he most probably received it the moment he joined, so I wonder why did Roger give it to him?

I mean, Shanks gave the straw hat to Luffy because he saw Roger in him and made a bet that Luffy would be next Pirate King.

But who did Roger see in Shanks??
Oda could have made Roger give his hat to Shanks when he was gonna surrender and get executed which makes things very simple.
Oda instead made sure to show us that Roger actually gave his hat to Shanks many years before his death, before he even started his Final Journey and before he learned about Poneglyphs.
This Chapter simply increases the importance of Straw Hat so much.

*by Salah Eddine

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